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In this first-round matchup, it's No. 15-seed Connecticut vs. No. 18-seed Notre Dame. Check the rosters, the college stats and the Page 2 takes, then place your vote.

Starting Lineup
Pos. Player Ht. Yrs Avg.
G Ben Gordon 6-3 02-04 16.9
G Ray Allen 6-5 94-96 19.0
F Richard Hamilton 6-7 97-99 19.8
F Donyell Marshall 6-9 92-94 18.1
C Emeka Okafor 6-10 02-04 13.8
The Bench
G Khalid El-Amin 5-10 98-00 15.3
F Clifford Robinson 6-10 86-89 15.3
Photos: Allen (Getty), Hamilton (Getty), Okafor (Getty)

Eric Neel predicts ...
Austin Carr is a scoring machine, and against a lot of clubs that's going to be the difference. But this UConn team, beginning with Ray Allen and Rip Hamilton, can score from every position and can match any run you want to put up against them. They don't suffer dry spells.

Laimbeer tries to ring some bells, but he's too slow to catch anyone. David Rivers is dwarfed in the backcourt and Kelly Tripucka looks like a heavy-footed junk-time scorer, which, come to think of it, is pretty much what he is. The Huskies just wait for Carr to tire, and keep doing what they do: Score. Most every time down.
Final score: UConn 95, Notre Dame 80



Notre Dame
Starting Lineup
Pos. Player Ht. Yrs Avg.
G David Rivers 6-0 85-88 17.4
G Austin Carr 6-3 69-71 34.6
F Adrian Dantley 6-5 74-76 25.8
F Kelly Tripucka 6-6 78-81 15.3
C Bill Laimbeer 6-11 76-79 7.7
The Bench
F/C John Shumate 6-9 73-74 22.6
F LaPhonso Ellis 6-8 89-92 15.5
Photos: Dantley (Notre Dame), Rivers (Notre Dame), Carr (AP)

Scoop Jackson predicts ...
Adrian Dantley and Austin Carr are in the locker room before the game making a bet. The bet? Whether or not Northeast D.C. is rougher than Southwest D.C. They seem the least bit worried about the game they are about to play. It's a D.C thang. As the game jumps off, Dantley and Carr set the stage for how this is about to go down. To them, UConn is good, but young. As much business as Ben Gordon seems to be giving the forever-Afro'd David Rivers, it doesn't impress Austin or Adrian. Or their coach, Digger Phelps.

"All that you doin'?" Carr yells at Gordon during the game. "That's nothing where we come from. Me and AD had to play against Elgin Baylor to get here. So until you have to go through that, you're not going through us." Carr drops 29 points in the first half, Dantley drops 28 in the second. They finish with 36 and 34 respectively. 'Nuff said.
Final score: Notre Dame 105, UConn 93