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In this first-round matchup, it's No. 7-seed Maryland vs. No. 26-seed Minnesota. Check the rosters, the college stats and the Page 2 takes, then place your vote.

Starting Lineup
Pos. Player Ht. Yrs Avg.
G John Lucas 6-3 73-76 18.3
G Steve Francis 6-3 1999 17.0
F Len Bias 6-8 83-86 16.4
F Buck Williams 6-8 79-81 13.6
C Tom McMillen 6-11 72-74 20.5
The Bench
F Joe Smith 6-10 94-95 20.1
G Juan Dixon 6-3 99-02 16.1
Photos: Bias (AP), Smith (Getty), Francis (Getty)

Eric Neel predicts ...
Best game of the first round. Point-counterpoint, like Curtin and Aykroyd on "Weekend Update," full of fireworks and shake-your-head fun. John Lucas and Sweet Lou Hudson own Act 1. Lucas hits 12-foot jumpers on five straight trips at one point. Hudson teardrops baseline floater after baseline floater, going for 16 in the first half.

Act 2 is all Len Bias being Len Bias. He eats the game up the way Orson Welles ate a bucket of ice cream, quickly and without mercy. Maryland opens a 10-point lead. In Act 3, Stevie takes over; the spark is an alley-oop off a backdoor cut. Which brings us to the final act, in which Buck Williams and Kevin McHale take the thing down to the blocks and keep it there. Everyone in the room can feel it. Lucas and Hudson, Clark and Francis, they're all just bringing it up and feeding the post. Old-time religion is what it is. Williams is tough, he's strong, but he's not the weirdly creative guy McHale is, and in the end, that's the difference. McHale just has three or four more snooker-ball angles to play. The last of them is a two-handed volleyball set, up and over Williams' outstretched hands at the buzzer.
Final score: Minnesota 92, Maryland 91



Starting Lineup
Pos. Player Ht. Yrs Avg.
G Archie Clark 6-2 64-66 16.7
G Lou Hudson 6-5 64-66 20.4
F Willie Burton 6-8 87-90 15.3
F Kevin McHale 6-10 77-80 15.2
C Mychal Thompson 6-10 75-78 20.8
The Bench
G Trent Tucker 6-5 79-82 12.6
F Dave Winfield 6-6 72-73 10.3
Photos: Thompson (Univ. of Minnesota), McHale (Univ. of Minnesota), Burton (Univ. of Minnesota)

Scoop Jackson predicts ...
This turns out to be the greatest game of the first round. The lead changes hands 14 times in the first 9 minutes, with each team scoring, but making the other team work to get those points. The Clark/Hudson vs. Lucas/Francis battle is classic. And though Len Bias demolishes the Gophers on one end, Kevin McHale devastates the Terps on the other. The game is eventually decided by … the refs. With 6:36 left and the score tied at 60, a phantom foul is called on Mychal Thompson that shifts the momentum of the game. It's his fourth, and stops him from helping out on the weak side, where Joe Smith has made a small presence.

With 39 seconds left, Thompson gets whistled for his fifth. Minnesota is up by 1. At the line, McMillen makes the first, misses the second. The play is called for Sweet Lou. With 0 seconds left on the shot clock, Hudson drains a runner that seems to come after the buzzer. The replay on the JumboTron shows the shot was good. It gives the Gophers a 2-point lead with 4 seconds left. Timeout is called. Off the inbound, Lucas lobs the ball toward the hoop, the seconds tick off … Bias, off a back pick from Buck Williams, floats to the basket. Guess who's not there to stop him?
Final score: Maryland 92, Minnesota 90