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In this first-round matchup, it's No. 2-seed North Carolina vs. No. 31-seed Utah. Check the rosters, the college stats and the Page 2 takes, then place your vote.

North Carolina
Starting Lineup
Pos. Player Ht. Yrs Avg.
G Phil Ford 6-2 75-78 18.6
G Michael Jordan 6-6 82-84 17.7
F James Worthy 6-9 80-82 14.5
F Billy Cunningham 6-6 63-65 24.8
C Bob McAdoo 6-9 1972 19.5
The Bench
G/F Charlie Scott 6-6 68-70 22.1
F Walter Davis 6-6 74-77 15.7
Photos: Ford (Getty), Worthy (US Presswire), Jordan (AP)

Eric Neel predicts ...
There'll be time for us to talk about MJ and Worthy. For the time being, let's take a moment to recall Mr. Charlie Scott, a man I'm assuming some of us might have forgotten about over the years. Charlie averaged 22.1 points per game for UNC between 1968 and 1970, which was pretty impressive until, as a second-year man with the ABA's Virginia Squires in 1972, he poured in 34.6 ppg.

Charlie scored 20 points in the 1971 ABA All-Star Game, just like his teammate Dr. J did. He left the Squires in March 1972 after they failed to make a loan payment to him, and signed with the Phoenix Suns of the NBA. With the Suns, he averaged 25 points and five assists a game for three years and played in three straight All-Star games. He slashed and dished. He created his own shot. He was a baller, the fluid sort of cat you'd give your eyeteeth to be lucky enough to play alongside for just one pickup game on one Saturday afternoon in your life.
Final score: North Carolina 83, Utah 65



Starting Lineup
Pos. Player Ht. Yrs Avg.
G Andre Miller 6-2 96-99 12.1
G Mike Newlin 6-4 69-71 23.1
F Keith Van Horn 6-9 94-97 20.8
F Tom Chambers 6-9 78-81 14.6
C Andrew Bogut 7-0 04-05 16.5
The Bench
F Danny Vranes 6-7 78-81 15.3
C Billy McGill 6-9 60-62 27.0
Photos: Van Horn (AP), Miller (AP), Bogut (AP)

Scoop Jackson predicts ...
How do you prepare for a team that has four Hall of Famers with another three who are NCAA icons? In the case of Rick Majerus, you don't. You simply tell your players in the locker room to enjoy the experience and try not to do anything to embarrass any family members. Which is exactly what Utah does. The Utes keep it as close as they can for as long as they can -- about 3 minutes. Tom Chambers and Mike Newlin show some flashes of NBA life, but Carolina's pressing defense and four-corner offense confuse the Utes. Every player in the Utah starting lineup scores in double figures. The problem? Every player in the Tar Heels' lineup does the same … times two. Including their bench.
Final score: North Carolina 99, Utah 50