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In this second-round matchup, it's No. 6-seed Houston vs. No. 11-seed Kentucky. Check the rosters, the college stats and the Page 2 takes, then place your vote.

Starting Lineup
Pos. Player Ht. Yrs Avg.
G Otis Birdsong 6-3 74-77 24.2
G Don Chaney 6-5 66-68 12.6
F Clyde Drexler 6-7 81-83 14.4
F Elvin Hayes 6-9 66-68 31.0
C Hakeem Olajuwon 6-10 82-84 13.3
The Bench
G Michael Young 6-7 81-84 15.3
F Dwight Davis 6-8 70-72 20.7
Photos: Hayes (AP), Olajuwon (, Drexler (

Eric Neel predicts ...
Thomas Jefferson didn't quite trust the people. In fact, he once said, "a democracy is nothing more than mob rule." I bring this up because I'm with TJ on this one. Kentucky shouldn't be in the second round of this tournament, because Kentucky -- with Sam Brittle Bones Bowie in the post and Rex Never-Met-A-Shot-I-Didn't-Love Chapman on the perimeter (mind you) -- advanced in this tournament on reputation more than merit. People think of Kentucky as a power, and so they moved on (over a superior Providence team).

I hope we can see past the lore and peer through the muck in this next game. I hope we realize Clyde Drexler is about to embarrass Rex, and Hakeem is set to make Sam wish something was broken. I hope we vote accordingly. I hope Jefferson is wrong about democracy when it's all said and done.
Final score: Houston 84, Kentucky 72



Starting Lineup
Pos. Player Ht. Yrs Avg.
G Rex Chapman 6-4 87-88 17.6
G Louie Dampier 6-0 65-67 19.7
F Jamal Mashburn 6-8 91-93 18.8
F Dan Issel 6-9 68-70 25.8
C Sam Bowie 7-1 80-84 13.4
The Bench
G Kevin Grevey 6-5 73-75 21.4
F Jack Givens 6-4 75-78 16.6
Photos: Issel (Univ. of Kentucky), Chapman (Univ. of Kentucky), Mashburn (Univ. of Kentucky)

Scoop Jackson predicts ...
Lil' Louie Dampier, a basketball junkie, says the biggest mistake made by Houston was not having the great Rob Williams on its team. Dampier says teams might have feared them because Williams was just that type of player. But did Louie realize the type of player Otis Birdsong was?

The Wildcats jump out to an early lead, only to see it evaporate the minute they try to go inside and get either Olajuwon or Hayes in foul trouble. Jack Givens is not on fire as he was in the tourney's first game, as he John Starks his way through this one, shooting 6-of-27, scoring just 14 points. And ending any chances of Kentucky making Ashley Judd its official mascot.
Final score: Houston 111, Kentucky 101