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In this second-round matchup, it's No. 21 seed San Francisco vs. No. 5 Kansas. Check the rosters, the college stats and the Page 2 takes, then place your vote.

San Francisco
Starting Lineup
Pos. Player Ht. Yrs Avg.
G Phil Smith 6-4 72-74 18.1
G Quintin Dailey 6-3 80-82 20.5
G K.C. Jones 6-1 56-58 8.8
F Bill Cartwright 7-1 76-79 19.1
C Bill Russell 6-10 54-56 20.7
The Bench
G/F Winford Boynes 6-6 76-78 18.9
F Kevin Restani 6-9 72-74 16.4
Photos: Russell (Univ. of San Francisco), Jones (Univ. of San Francisco), Cartwright (Univ. of San Francisco)

Scoop Jackson predicts ...
Bill Russell stood at midcourt for a long time with his hands on his waist, thinking about how he was defensively going to stop Wilt. He had no answer and Wilt began playing as if his life depended on a victory (no disrespect intended). But Russell keeps it patient and waits for that moment in the game where he can ignite a takeover. But it never really comes.

The Dons have a hard-as-hell time getting established on the offensive end. QD gives them his regular 25, but he can't stop Paul Pierce from taking over the game in the final 4 minutes. With no Havlicek or Sam Jones or Cousy, Russell can't get past Wilt this time. For once, Chamberlain has better players surrounding him.
Final score: Kansas 101, USF 92


Starting Lineup
Pos. Player Ht. Yrs Avg.
G JoJo White 6-3 66-68 15.3
G Paul Pierce 6-6 96-98 16.4
F Danny Manning 6-10 85-88 20.1
F Raef LaFrentz 6-11 95-98 15.8
C Wilt Chamberlain 7-1 57-58 29.9
The Bench
G Kirk Hinrich 6-3 00-03 12.4
C/F Clyde Lovellette 6-9 50-52 24.7
Photos: Chamberlain (AP), Manning (Getty), Pierce (Getty)

Eric Neel predicts ...
I respect Bill Russell and his championship pedigree. I respect the way he gets in Wilt's head. I love his goatee and I know he knows how to win. Here's what else I know: Wilt routinely outplays him one-on-one. It's the supporting casts that make a difference. And in this tilt, KU has it over the Dons. JoJo White and Kirk Hinrich get through the three-guard perimeter defense of San Francisco, and that's all they have to do: get through it. From there they just feed the big dogs: Pierce and his odd-angled ability to get shots off in traffic gives the slow-footed Cartwright fits; Manning does his little baseline jumper and sneaky putback thing all night on the overmatched Winford Boynes and Kevin Restani; and Wilt manages his usual 28 and 28 against Russell. That, plus the work of the supporting cast, is enough for a decisive win.
Final score: Kansas 101, USF 90