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In this third-round matchup, it's No. 5-seed Kansas vs. No. 4-seed Georgetown. Check the rosters, the college stats and the Page 2 takes, then place your vote.

Starting Lineup
Pos. Player Ht. Yrs Avg.
G Jo Jo White 6-3 66-68 15.3
G Paul Pierce 6-6 96-98 16.4
F Danny Manning 6-10 85-88 20.1
F Raef LaFrentz 6-11 95-98 15.8
C Wilt Chamberlain 7-1 57-58 29.9
The Bench
G Kirk Hinrich 6-3 00-03 12.4
C/F Clyde Lovellette 6-9 50-52 24.7
Photos: Chamberlain (AP), Manning (Getty), Pierce (Getty)

Eric Neel predicts ...
It's moments before tip-off, and Raef LaFrentz is in the locker room praying to the porcelain god. With some guys, this is the nervous-energy ritual that comes before a monster performance. But with Raef, on this night, it's just the natural expression of the harrowing thought of going down on the blocks against Mutom-Ew-Ourning. He's come to the gym with elaborate drawings and a PowerPoint presentation called "Spread," a five-point plan to draw one of Georgetown's big men away from the paint by, well, going nowhere near the paint.

Coach Williams is not amused. Neither is Wilt, who wishes now he'd hooked Raef up with a high-priced escort the night before the game, "just to boost his confidence a bit." Manning and Chamberlain play big, but LaFrentz is nowhere to be found, leaving Mourning to rove and help all over the floor. By the end of the night, Jo Jo White and Kirk Hinrich are talking about him like he's Batman, like he appears out of the dark like some ghost or demon.
Final score: Georgetown 80, Kansas 70



Starting Lineup
Pos. Player Ht. Yrs Avg.
G Sleepy Floyd 6-3 79-82 17.7
G Allen Iverson 6-0 95-96 23.0
F Alonzo Mourning 6-10 89-92 16.7
F Patrick Ewing 7-0 82-85 15.3
C Dikembe Mutombo 7-2 89-91 9.9
The Bench
G/F Reggie Williams 6-7 84-87 15.3
F Michael Graham 6-9 1984 4.9
Photos: Ewing (AP), Mourning (Getty), Iverson (Getty)

Scoop Jackson predicts ...
The world had never seen a player like Michael Graham before. Never seen a cat from straight off the block, from the hood, hard as project bricks and gov't cheese, head Kojak, black, all power, never smilin', ballin'. He was the one player on both rosters who never had a shot at the NBA. He was the one player on either squad who couldn't care less about the NBA. He was the one player who lived for the moment because he had nothing to live for. If you are Danny Manning, the greatest college ballplayer of your era on a team with NBA Hall of Famers, how do you counter Mr. Graham? In this game, in this moment -- you don't. While the players cancel each other out, Graham's intimidation -- helping to hold Manning to one point (similar to the game he had in the 1988 Olympics) -- is the difference.
Final score: Georgetown 90, Kansas 84