By Dan Shanoff
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An annual Page 2 tradition continues! Don't head into the new year spouting last year's conventional wisdom.

And if you doubt me, please note that in the 2004 list, under category "Next MLB Champs," someone predicted "BoSox (finally!)"

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Study the list below for what's in for 2005 (and so "out" from 2004) -- get ahead of the curve and be the smartest fan in your office, bar-argument or speed-dating pool.

Category Hot Not Hot
Anna Benson

Jennie Finch
Bio-Pic Jack Johnson Dale Earnhardt
University of Scandal Ohio State Colorado
Feud Randy Johnson-Curt Schilling Kobe Bryant-Shaquille O'Neal
City rivalry Detroit-Indianapolis New York-Boston
Due for malfunction Lindsay Lohan Janet Jackson
Golfer Luke Donald Phil Mickelson
Women's hoopster Simeone Augustus Diana Taurasi
HS prep hoops stud O.J. Mayo Greg Oden
Wrist-wear Bands for EVERY cause Yellow bands
Historical homage George Ruth George Sisler
Minor-sports hero Video-game champs Michael Phelps
NBA template Suns' run-and-shoot Pistons' blue-collar
Unlikely unbeaten Louisville Utah
USA's super-team USA Softball USA Hoops
Scripted ("Tilt")

Reality (WSOP)
NASCAR push Blue states Playoffs
Celebrity trial Conte Kobe
NFL Draft sensation Mike Williams Eli Manning
LeBron-driven on-court fashion Face masks Headbands
First name-last name Erasmus James Smarty Jones
Breakout QB Billy Volek Drew Brees
BCS controversy Panels Polls
NHL Lockout Lightning
Maria Sharapova

Lindsay Lohan
Franchise expansion Baseball in Vegas! Baseball in D.C.!
Comebacks 4th quarter 0-3
Soccer legend Freddy Adu USA Women
Hard-luck fans Philly Boston
Sports-managerial fad Gladwell's "Blink" Lewis' "Moneyball"
Sports book End of Red Sox Curse End of Yankee Dynasty
Bonds' number watch 714 660
Excised from TV Shots of excessive celebration Sounds of swearing
College hoops powerhouse Big East ACC
Unanticipated return Pete Rose Joe Gibbs
America's sweetheart
Charlie Weis

Carly Patterson
NFL embarassment in-waiting "Coin-flip" Super Bowl .500 playoff teams
NBA draftees Euros Preps
Heisman sensation Sophomore Adrian Peterson Freshman Adrian Peterson
Offbeat competitions Rock-Paper-Scissors Competitive eating
Center Bass Sports
New Team on Block Nats Bobcats
"Everybody Loves" coach "Coach Carter" Coach Meyer
Sports Rennaissance city Pittsburgh Cincinnati
2005 Anniversary 1985 Chicago Bears 1975 World Series
At-bat music Mash-ups Crunk
Must-read blog Curbed Wonkette
Throwback jersey
Jordan "Laney High" 23

Jordan "Bulls" 23
World Series Champ we'd like to see Cubs Red Sox
Endorser (Male) T.O. Carmelo
Endorser (female) Maria Sharapova Serena
Coaching PR blunder "Please vote for me" "I didn't do it"
March Cinderella Witchita State UAB
NBA trade bait Kwame Brown Any Knick
Boston baby name Take your pick! Carlton/Carl/Ted
Pitching phenom
Oliver Perez

Dontrelle Willis
Bachelor Theo Epstein Johnny Damon
Retro kicks Air Penny I Air Force I
Sports movie remake Longest Yard Miracle on Ice
Boxing title Best Picture? ("Million Dollar Baby") Best Ever? (Roy Jones Jr.)
NCAA scourge Renegade boosters Renegade agents

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