By Dan Shanoff
Page 2

Whether lounging at a tailgate party, standing in a rowdy bar, commiserating among coworkers or -- in "What's Hot, What's Not" tradition -- on a date, you don't want to get caught spouting last season's conventional wisdom about this season's biggest college football issues. While you fire up the grill or scour's complete college football preview, be sure to file away the talking points below:

Category Hot Not Hot
Heisman would-be promotional angle
Matt Leinart's "Deja U-S-C" poster

Chris Leak's "Leaky Boat" toy
Blood-boiling rivalry Texas vs. Oklahoma Miami vs. Florida St.
Road-trip mecca Boise St. Washington
Coaching search Super Bowl rings? Redskins' buy-out?
Hot QB in Big Ten Drew Tate (Iowa) Troy Smith (Ohio St.)
Uniforms Classic BYU Michigan nouveau "piping"
Player violation Summer-camp benefits Ballroom-dance course misstep
Underground Heisman candidate
Omar Jacobs (Bowling Green)

DeAngelo Williams (Memphis)
BCS's biggest problem Competition from AP poll Competition from computers
Please give him more pub Bruce Gradowski (Toledo) Vince Young (Texas)
Poll to respect Online by fans New BCS "human" poll
Coaching style to emulate Meyer's "team-first" Spurrier's "me-first"
Cripes, he's still in college?
Brad Smith (Missouri)

Brett Basanez (Northwestern)
Bandwagon team to root for Louisville Utah
Mascot Native American imagery Native American imagery
Mr. Excitement Ted Ginn (Ohio St.) Joe Paterno
Retro jersey to be seen in Michael Vick (H.S.) Maurice Clarett
Biggest shoes to fill Brian Johnson (Alex Smith) Kyle Wright (Brock Berlin)
Multi-skilled Reggie Bush (USC) Kickers who can tackle
Trend Spread offense Zone defense
"He's Due" coach
Mack Brown (Texas)

Bob Stoops (Oklahoma)
Conference to watch (besides ACC) SEC Pac-10
Likely BCS tilt issue Everyone has one loss! Too many unbeatens!
Prototype QB Legs to go with arm Arm to go with legs
Non-BCS sleeper Boise St. Fresno St.
Best place to get school-specific info Fan blogs School blogs

In the Page 2 "Hot/Not" tradition, some picks -- though not the teams we like to win each major conference -- simply outperform (or underperform) expectations:

Category Outperformer Underperformer
SEC Alabama LSU
ACC N.C. St. Florida St.
Big 12 Texas A&M Colorado
Pac-10 Besides USC? Pick one
Big Ten Purdue Wisconsin
Big East Pitt W. Virginia
Non-BCS leagues Teams with tough schedules Whining about the BCS
Title outlook Anyone but USC USC's insane expectations

Dan Shanoff is a columnist for Page 2. His "Daily Quickie" commentary appears every weekday morning.