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It goes without saying that it's tough to rip yourself away from Yankees news right now, especially since there isn't any news at all. In the past 24 hours, I've seen the following late-breaking news on the fallout from the Yankees' demise:

-- A-Rod walks down street, tells reporters he wants some private time with his wife. (Why would he seek privacy on a public street? Yet another mystery of A-Rod.)

Alex Rodriguez
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What better way to get over a tough loss than to go shopping!

-- George Steinbrenner's son-in-law says it's not true that Joe Torre will be fired. He says it's George's call and it's not going to happen. Son-in-law then says he hasn't spoken to George, which seems to make everything else he says completely pointless.

-- Jaret Wright, wearing his best offseason hat-glasses ensemble, says it's not Torre's fault because last time he checked, Torre didn't field a ball or swing a bat or throw a pitch. This was presented as evidence of the players' support of Torre.

The tone here -- the sky, it ain't falling, it's done falled -- brings up an enduring truth of athletes and those who follow them:

They don't care nearly as much as you do. Sure, they want to win, they play their best to win, they put all the clichés on the line. But -- and here's the difference -- when it's over, for them it's really over. They've forgotten about the loss while you're still trying to find the number to reach The Hammer's late night sports yelp.

Now, Steinbrenner -- that's apparently a different story. The man keeps caring long after the final out. But the guys on the field? They're just walking down a public street wearing a model's grin, eking out some private time.

This Week's List

• Predictions based on seconds of in-depth thinking: Cardinals in 6; A's in 7.

• Just for curiosity's sake: If any of you have actually tasted "Hater-ade," can you tell me what it tastes like?

• If I were a meaner person, I would probably revel in this man's failure, given the utter disdain he seems to show for the rest of the human race: Nick Saban.

• When it comes to the great fourth-down debate, which might only be great in the minds of a few of us, consider this: If you're pulling for the team on defense, and the team on offense is facing a fourth-and-2, don't you feel relieved when you see the punter jog out onto the field, doing that little three-strides-and-a-pretend-kick thing he always does?

• If I'm Joe Torre, I've got one question: Who needs this?

• Maybe Steinbrenner should fire the weatherman and hire a "director of karma" to consult on future decisions: The Yankees' demise began after the dubious rainout before Game 2.

• It might be all Joe Torre's fault, but I'm thinking if you gave him the choice he'd rather have one fewer All-Star in the lineup and one more in the starting rotation: The Yankees had a record-breaking payroll and Jaret Wright started the deciding game of a playoff series?

• Unemotional even while showing emotion, cementing the reputation: A-Rod, eyes red-rimmed and puffy, still managed to speak in robotic terms after the Yankees' lost.


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