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When Page 2 selected the best boxing nicknames back in 2001, "Cinderella Man" didn't make the cut. Maybe we should reconsider. Here's the original list:

1. "Hands of Stone" (Roberto "No Mas" Duran)
Small, fearless (at least, until the Leornard fight), he hit like a ton of bricks.

2. "The Hitman" (Tommy Hearns)
Hearns was also known as "The Motor City Cobra," which is a decent nickname in its own right.

3. "The Greatest" (Muhammad Ali)
As Cassius Clay, he was known as "The Louisville Lip."

4. "The Bayonne Bleeder" (Chuck Wepner)
Mediocre fighter, tough guy, great nickname.

5. "The Golden Boy" (Oscar de la Hoya)
A favorite of the ladies.

6. "The Mongoose" (Archie Moore)
Mesmerizing artist in the ring, one of the great talkers outside the ring.

7. "Sugar Ray" (Robinson or Leonard)
Pound for pound, two of the sweetest who ever fought for pay.

8. "Smokin' " Joe Frazier
Though, as George Foreman once pointed out, "Somebody should tell Joe Frazier that smokin' can be hazardous to your health."

9. "The Living Death" (Lew Jenkins)
He was also known as "The Sweet Swatter from Sweetwater, Texas."

10. "The Brown Bomber" (Joe Louis)
He even had a nickname for his hapless foes: "The Bum of the Month Tour."