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Here's a look back at the look-alikes that have been featured on Page 2 thus far. This is our 17th archive page -- built after our first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, 10th, 11th 12th 13th 14th, 15th and 16th archives began to overflow.

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Has anyone ever told you that you look like ...

It's Cavs' LeBron James, right, and Arizona Wildcats hoopster Hassan Adams.
It's newly-signed Mark Brunell, left, of the Redskins, and Calvin Klein model Mark Wahlberg.
It's Packers CB Mike McKenzie, right, and Black Eyed Peas rapster Will.I.Am.

It's Titans coach Jeff Fisher, right, and author Stephen King.
It's Red Sox ex, Grady Little, left, and Chiefs just-departed D-Coordinator Greg Robinson.
It's recently axed Knick coach Don Chaney, right, and the late saxophone extraordinaire, Grover Washington Jr.

It's Michael Jackson, right, and Joan Crawford.
It's Detroit Pistons wingman Tayshaun Prince, right, and Taboo, of Black Eyed Peas.
It's University of Connecticut forward Barbara Turner, right, and folk-rocker Tracy Chapman.

It's Golden Globe winner Bill Murray, left, and Los Angeles Lakers coach Phil Jackson.
It's Democratic candidate John Kerry, right, and USC head coach Pete Carroll.
Lawrence Frank, left, who landed his first head coaching job at 33 with the Nets, is the "Doogie Howser" of NBA coaches.

It's Pacers forward Jeff Foster, left, and former Queen lead singer Freddie Mercury.
76ers GM Billy King, left, is paired with PTI's Michael Wilbon.
U.S. high jumper Amy Acuff, left, and actress Kirsten Dunst set the bar for cute blondes.

It's Jeremy Roenick, left, and actor Anthony Michael Hall.
It's Heather Mitts' boyfriend A.J. Feeley (lucky dog), right, and actor Ryan Reynolds.
It's Ferris Bueller, aka actor Matthew Broderick, right, and Greg Maddux.