• Joe Crede, who wore Rawlings-branded socks in the ALCS, has been wearing them again in the Series. So 2005 will go down as the year that hosiery logo creep hit the Fall Classic -- ugh.

• In a less objectionable milestone, reader Brett Robertson points out that the Sox and 'Stros are among the handful of MLB teams whose caps make no reference to their home cities. By Uni Watch's reckoning, this marks the first time two teams with geographically indeterminate caps have faced each other in the Series since way back in 1931, when the St. Louis Cardinals, whose caps were blank in those days, met the Philadelphia Athletics. So no matter what happens in the remaining games, this Series is already historic.

Paul Lukas, a lifelong Mets fan, still hasn't fully recovered from the 2000 World Series (not because the Mets lost, but because they wore their horrific black jerseys in Games 1 and 4, and didn't wear their blue caps even once). His full-length "Uni Watch" columns run on alternating Thursdays, while "Uni Watch: Weekend Update" appears each Monday. Archives of his columns are available here, here and here. Got feedback for him, or want to be added to his mailing list? Contact him here.

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