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The Red Sox now have both Fisk's pole and the Pesky pole. The Giants have McCovey Cove. What does the future hold for other ballpark landmarks? Let's get out our crystal ball ...

Jose's stall (Oakland Coliseum, 2030)
Jose Canseco and Mark McGwire, known as the "Bash Brothers" back in Oakland's glory days of the late 1980s, finally kiss and make up, ending a long feud that began when Canseco, now 65, said publicly that he and McGwire swapped steroid butt-shots in the Coliseum's clubhouse bathroom stalls. In a pregame ceremony open only to players, press, and new "Field Hover" box owners, a clubhouse stall is named in his honor.

Sexson's pixels (ChinaBank Stadium, 2014)
The D-Backs get into the spirit by naming center-field video screen bulbs S-44, S-45, T-44, and T-45 after Richie Sexson, who smashed them with a legendary 503-foot homer in April 2004. It was the longest dinger ever hit in Bank of China Stadium, then called Bank One Ballpark. At the time of the blast, Sexson's own image was displayed on the screen; in effect, he hit himself with the ball.

Kingman's hole (Metrodome, 2027)
The Twins name a small part of the Metrodome's roof to honor slugger Dave Kingman, who died last month. On May 4, 1984, Kingman, then playing for the Oakland A's, hit a sky-high shot that went into the hole and didn't come down until the next day. It was called a ground-rule double. Kingman's granddaughter, attending the ceremony, says, "My grandfather was so misunderstood. He was a kind, gentle man, and would have been thrilled to see a piece of teflon roof named after him."

The Steinbrenner-vator (Dodgers Stadium, 2021)
Forty years after the Yankees-Dodgers 1981 World Series, the Dodgers honor Yankee owner George Steinbrenner during the first game of the 2021 Series. Dodgers team owner Mike Piazza cuts the ribbon on a new internal stadium elevator named in honor of "The Boss," who, as he tells it, broke his hand in that elevator shaft when he punched out two Dodgers fans who called the Yankees "chokers." After the ceremony, a teary Steinbrenner quipped, "I'm all choked up." He then proceeded to try and punch out Dodger pitching coach Kevin Brown, whom he blames for the Yankees' 18-year World Series drought.

Jeffrey's wall
In 2006, the Yankees bring back Jeffrey Maier, now 22, and name the foam topping of the right-field wall after him,. In 1996, the 12-year-old Maier leaned over from his front-row bleacher seat to pull in a Derek Jeter flyball before O's outfielder Tony Tarasco had a chance to grab it. It was ruled a homer, and the Yankees went on to win Game 1 of the ALCS.

Hodges' polish-post (2009)
In a elaborate ceremony, the Mets mark the spot in the Shea Stadium home dugout where Gil Hodges was handed the famous "shoe polish ball" during Game 5 of the 1969 World Series. Hodges brought the ball, marked with a smudge of shoe polish from Cleon Jones' spikes, to show that Jones had indeed been hit by a pitch. Jones then scored on a Donn Clendenon homer, and the Miracle Mets went on to with the game and the Series.


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