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Sometimes I wonder, what if ...

What if Mark Cuban ran the NBA?

Would teams play shirts and skins, with no officials at all? Would there be free Dairy Queen for the first 10,000 fans at every game? Would owners be fined exorbitant amounts of money for saying just the right thing at just the right time and place? Would Jeff Van Gundy be required to wear jersey-style T's on the sideline?

Or better yet, what if, instead of Cuban, it was David Stern who wrote a blog?

Tuesday, April 26, 2005
Fashion faux pas

Saw Dennis Rodman outside the Palace at Auburn Hills before the game today.

He looked good in a gold lamé tank and black leather mini, but his white go-go boots were completely inappropriate. Everyone knows you can't wear white shoes until after Memorial Day. There are rules, after all, and if we go about flouting them, making individual choices all willy-nilly, we risk the breakdown of the very fabric of our game. I think Dennis knows that. I expect to see him in black patents next time.

David Stern
AP Photo
The commissioner's got lots of thoughts he'd like to share with the public.

A commissioner's prerogative

I almost let Ron Artest back in today.

Yeah, right.

The Age of Innocence

Speaking of the Pacers, let me just say I respect Jermaine O'Neal's opinion on the minimum age question. I truly do. And I admire his willingness to share his ideas and enter the debate. However, I think he may be missing the bigger picture here.

It's not that the quality of play suffers when too many young, unpolished players enter the league, it's not that we're trying to protect the rights of older players, and it's not even that we're trying to keep Dick Vitale from throwing himself off a bridge in despair over the state of today's depleted college game.

It's just that we want kids to go to the freshman dance, and rush a house, and experience the color and pageantry of a college campus, the camaraderie of a college community. And while they're strolling across that campus, basking in the charm of it all, we want them never to forget that we hold the power, pure and simple, and we want them to always remember that the first rule of growing up in basketball is: Thou shalt not question The Man.

Why can't we all be more like Grant Hill?

I miss him. Don't you miss him?

Damn that Steve Francis and his ball hogging. Damn that ankle swelling.

I wonder what Hill's doing right now.

Saving a kitten from a tree, perhaps, or maybe reading aloud from Shakespeare's sonnets again.

"My two guard's eyes are nothing like the sun ... "

Wednesday, April 27, 2005
My top five all-time commissioners:

5. Kenesaw Mountain Landis: A bit soft for my taste, but his heart was in the right place.

4. Commissioner Gordon: Totally under-appreciated. He carried Batman in the later years.

3. Pete Rozelle: The modern-day prototype. His hair was perfect.

2. Springfield sanitation commissioner Ray Patterson: I know some people were charmed by Homer Simpson's wild campaign promises, but like Bono, I always identified with Patterson's more measured, realistic approach to the everyday trash collection problems facing the residents of Springfield.


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