Greetings (sort of) from Coach Belichick   

Updated: December 13, 2007, 6:06 PM ET

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Forget the Patriots-Jets game on Sunday, all eyes are going to be on the postgame handshake between Bill Belichick and Eric Mangini.

Why? Because we all want to see if it rates among the greatest moments in Belichick Handshake History. With a little help from ESPN reasearcher Jeremy Lundblad, we've uncovered the best ones to date.

We've all seen the dead fish handshakes Bill Belichick grants to his colleagues after a game -- but what do you think he said?

Here's our guess:

FINAL: Patriots 24, Colts 20 -- November 4, 2007
The Colts were the defending Super Bowl champs. A few months ago they destroyed the Pats on this very field. They were 7-0. They were playing at home ... and they were still the underdogs to the Pats.

Belichick says: "I knew we could beat you nine out of 10 times. Welcome back to the other nine."

FINAL: Patriots 38, Jets 14 -- September 9, 2007
Unbeknown to everyone else, during the season opener the Patriots were one man short on the sideline and his infamous camera was in the hands of NFL security. Didn't matter, the Patriot Express had left the station.

Belichick says: "Man! For your sake, I hope Goodell destroys this game tape. Have a nice drive home, Mangenius."

FINAL: Patriots 37, Jets 16 -- January 7, 2007
Getting revenge for a regular season loss is one thing, getting revenge in the playoffs and ending someone's season is another. Nice try Jets.

Belichick says: "Here's a tip for the offseason ... get a big-play receiver. I hear Randy Moss may be available."

FINAL: Jets 17, Patriots 14 -- November 12, 2006
Streaks are meant to be broken and the Jets did just that (in Foxborough no less) by ending their seven-game losing streak to New England.

Belichick says: "What can I say? Our video guy came down with a violent stomach flu in the second quarter."

FINAL: Patriots 24, Jets 17 -- September 17, 2006
Eric Mangini's first game against his former team didn't go as planned as the former Patriots defensive coordinator fell to his mentor for the first of what would be several times.

Belichick says: "Hey! It's the HC of the NYJ! Whoa, where do you get off making eye contact with me?"

FINAL: Patriots 12, Cowboys 0 -- November 16, 2003
Why does Belichick hate to lose to Mangini? Because he knows how great it is to beat your mentor. This Sunday night game put the Pats in the driver's seat all the way to Super Bowl XXXVIII.

Belichick says: "What can I say Tuna? Thanks for continuing to make me look so damn good."

FINAL: Patriots 27, Bills 17 -- December 8, 2002
Drew Bledsoe's return to Foxborough (four picks!) turned out to be almost as painful as his last regular season game with the Pats when Mo Lewis burst a blood vessel in Bledsoe's chest.

Belichick says: "It's the black Mercedes SUV, have it out front in an hour and there's an extra $5 in it for you. Wait, aren't you the valet?"

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