By David Schoenfield
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Frankly, we're bored with the weeks and weeks of Randy Johnson and Carlos Beltran speculation. Who cares about the 2005 New York Yankees?

Let's get the ball rolling on who is going to wear pinstripes in 2006! And 2007! And 2008, 2009 and 2010! Because it's never too soon to figure out how many superstars George Steinbrenner can purchase with his big, fat, disgusting wallet of greed (which, by the way, has led to ZERO World Series championships in the past four seasons). It's fun for the whole family and good practice for you high school kids who need to study the math portion of your SAT.

The rules:

  • All contracts for current Yankees are accurate. When those contracts run out or enter an option year, we can re-sign the player or let him go.

  • If we let them go, we look to the possible free-agent market for that year to see which player the Yankees might "persuade" to wear pinstripes (with estimated contract value!).

  • And don't forget Jason Giambi! The BALCO Blunder gets his own category in our fancy chart.

  • Keep in mind: The total payroll listed at the bottom includes starting players only! For example, in 2005 the Yankees will be paying their middle relievers (Tom Gordon, Mike Stanton, Paul Quantrill, Felix Rodriguez, Steve Karsay) a combined $19 million.

  • And, yes, Barry Bonds will finish his career in Yankee Stadium, blasting his 800th career home run in 2007.

    Key: (!) expected to sign; (*) option exercised; (#) signed to extension; (^) buyout exercised

    Pos. 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010
    C Jorge Posada, $12M Posada, $13.5M Posada, $12M* Ivan Rodriguez, $10M Ivan Rodriguez, $10M Victor Martinez, $14M
    1B Tino Martinez, $3.5M! Paul Konerko, $14M Konerko, $15M Konerko, $16M Mark Teixeira, $18M Teixeira, $18M
    2B Tony Womack, $2M Womack, $2M Alfonso Soriano, $12M Soriano, $12M Soriano, $13M Soriano, $14M
    SS Derek Jeter, $20M Jeter, $21M Jeter, $22M Jeter, $22M Jeter, $20M Jeter, $21M
    3B Alex Rodriguez, $20M Rodriguez, $20M Rodriguez, $22M Rodriguez, $24M Rodriguez, $24M Rodriguez, $24M
    LF Hideki Matsui, $8M Matsui, $10M# Matsui, $12M Matsui, $12M Carl Crawford, $12M Crawford, $12M
    CF Carlos Beltran, $15M! Beltran, $16M Beltran, $17M Beltran, $18M Beltran, $19M Beltran, $20M
    RF Gary Sheffield, $13M Sheffield, $13M Lance Berkman, $17M Berkman, $17M Berkman, $17M Miguel Cabrera, $21M
    DH Bernie Williams, $12M Tino Martinez, $3.5M Barry Bonds, $14M David Ortiz, $17M Ortiz, $17M Ortiz, $17M
    SP1 Randy Johnson, $16M Johnson, $16M Johnson, $16M Ben Sheets, $14M Sheets, $15M Sheets, $16M
    SP2 Mike Mussina, $17M Mussina, $17M Johan Santana, $17M Santana, $18M Santana, $20M Santana, $20M
    SP3 Carl Pavano, $10M Pavano, $10M Pavano, $10M Pavano, $10M Mark Prior, $18M Mark Prior, $18M
    SP4 Jaret Wright, $7M Wright, $7M Wright, $7M* Josh Beckett, $16M Beckett, $16M Beckett, $16M
    SP5 Kevin Brown, $15M Tom Glavine, $10.5M Mark Mulder, $13M Mulder, $13M Mulder, $13M Dontrelle Willis, $10M
    CL Mariano Rivera, $10.5M Rivera, $10.5M Rivera, $14M# Rivera, $14M# Brad Lidge, $12M Lidge, $12M
    Giambi $15.5M $19M $21.5M $21M $5M^  
    Tot. $196.5M $203M $241.5M $254M $249M $253M
    PF@ Win AL E
    lose ALCS
    2nd in AL E
    lose 1st rd
    2nd in AL E
    miss playoffs
    3rd in AL E
    miss playoffs
    4th in AL E
    miss playoffs
    Last in AL E
    under .500

    @ predicted finish

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