By Dan Shanoff
Page 2 columnist

In the spirit of the NBA draft, Casual Friday this week becomes Draftee Friday.

Treat your cubicle like it was the Green Room. (Go ahead: Bring your whole family!) Feel free to ignore the societal taboo against wearing a baseball cap as an adult -- just remember to pull it down over your eyes, draftee-style. (Or even with a jaunty tip to the right, like Caron Butler.) And when your boss yells out your name to give you the business, saunter up, grab his hand, shake and pretend to look for the cameras. If he gives you static, tell him to lighten up ... it's draft week!

Now that you've got the scoop on one thing that's cool, take a look at the rest of what's hot and what's not this week. Feel free to share with your co-workers, buddies and significant others with the good ol' grip-and-grin:

What's Hot, What's Not this week
Category Hot Not
Tennis stud
Tim "Hometown" Henman

Pete "Ungraceful Decline" Sampras
Where to find a good NHL coach Minor leagues Assistant-coach pool
World Cup-inspired hairstyle
The Ronaldo

Anything with a ponytail
Courtney Alexander conventional wisdom Trade bait to make draft week interesting Under-utilized in DC
Dugout brawl we'd pay to see continue Bonds-Kent Cedeno-Alomar
World Cup bandwagon

Flamethrower Odalis Perez Eric Milton
We'd pay to watch throwing a fit
Anna Kournikova

Lawrence Phillips
Steroids scandal John McEnroe? Everyone in baseball?
Needs more pub The overachieving Orioles Ken Griffey Jr.
Heisman HQ The Yale Club The Downtown Athletic Club
Minor-league baseball issue Fans storming field to yell at umps When's the next high-profile call-up?
U.S. Soccer worry Whither Bruce Arena? MLS loses best to Europe
Best name at Wimbledon
Paradorn Srichaphan

Uh, Andre Agassi
Weekend flick "Mr. Deeds" "8-Legged Freaks"
World Cup innovation for other sports Trade jerseys after games One ref
Dominik Hasek

Randall Cunningham
WNBA squad Washington Summitts Detroit Laimbeers
Jerry Jones' master plan Market the Cowboys as bigger than NFL Join rest of owners in NFL marketing deal

A very special What's Hot, What's Not List supplement
The NBA draft -- "yes, the suit makes the man."
What's Hot, What's Not at the NBA draft
Category Hot Not
Player's hanger-on Interpreter Posse-member
Chinese impact-player Yao "Can I Shake Stern's Hand Via Remote?" Ming Wang "Beijing on the Hudson" Zhi Zhi
Opinions of Mike Dunleavy See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil A critical eye - at best, he's Robert Horry; at worst, Danny Ferry
Prep-to-pro Donny Marshall Lenny "Uh, Whoops" Cooke
"Chip on Shoulder" Butler

Qyntel "Drop like Boulder" Woods
Look Tan Blue
GM genius Kiki Vandeweghe Donnie "Hunh?" Walsh
Green-room posse Dajuan Wagner Juan "Exile" Dixon
D-League first-rounder Steve Logan Carlos Boozer

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