Q: It's a complete travesty that we don't have a "Night Shift" special edition DVD loaded with special features. I mean, seriously, who's too busy to sit down for commentary, Henry Winkler or Michael Keaton?
--Chuck Thornton, Kent, Ohio

SG: Agreed. If Michael Keaton can find time to make "Herbie: Fully Loaded" and "First Daughter," he can find time to sit down and discuss the genius of Bill Blazejowski with Hank Winkler for 95 minutes.

Q: In your "Midseason Form" column, you write about how your wife hates Mariah Carey and that most women do. Try this: Tell your wife that you find Jennifer Love Hewitt attractive and you enjoy her acting. You may even be able to squeeze a whole column out of her reaction and the pure bile that women spit when hearing her name. Ask any sisters, sisters-in-law, other female friends; they all hate her universally, and it is unexplainable.
--Jack, Cleveland

SG: Just for the record, I tried this with the Sports Gal this week ... she reacted like George Brett in the Pine Tar Game. Highest of high comedy. Somebody needs to film the pilot, "Everybody Hates Jennifer."

Q: I was arguing with a friend yesterday as to what the best aspect of TiVo is. I say it is the ability to fast-forward through any scenes of "90210" that Andrea is in, while he says the best part is that it allows him to watch sporting events with no commercials, which I think is ridiculous because games should always be watched live if possible. Anyway, we both agreed that you were the man to answer this question, and there's 20 bucks riding on your answer. Thanks.
--Dave, Manalapan, N.J.

SG: You make a valid point with the Andrea argument, but I'm with your buddy -- zooming through sporting events is the best thing about TiVo. It's no contest. When I'm cruising through Sox games, I don't have to deal with commercials, sideline reporters interviewing random people in the stands, pitching coaches taking 10 minutes to waddle to the mound, Jerry Remy violently coughing up nicotine phlegm every other inning ... everything gets wiped away. I bang out entire games in 40 minutes or less.

Three other things I love about TiVo (and no, the TiVo folks have never given me anything, and yes, I own two TiVos that I bought myself):

1. The unedited "Saturday Night Live" repeats at 3 a.m. on NBC. Last weekend, Musical Youth sang "Pass the Dutchie" ... then they had to come back out and sing a second song. You can't put a price on this stuff.

2. The Season Pass conflicts. It's almost like setting a batting order, especially if you're sharing the Season Pass with your spouse. "All right, if you give me SportsCenter in the 1-spot, you can have Regis and Kelly in the 2-hole."

3. Since it's apparently against the law for TV networks to coordinate the times of their shows with TiVo, occasionally, we have situations where you know the show or the game is ending soon -- the green thingie is all the way to the right -- but the episode is just winding to an end, so it becomes the most randomly exciting 20 seconds you can spend in front of a television. Did it make it? Is there enough time left? Did it... YES! Made it by two seconds! See, it's the little things in life that keep you going.

Q: I laughed out loud when I saw that Alanis Morissette released an acoustic version of her 10-year old album, "Jagged Little Pill." Also, if you're looking to purchase the CD, it's available only at Starbucks. How hard up for money is she? What would be the sports equivalent to this? Brady Anderson reissuing an autographed set of his 1996 Topps Baseball card celebrating his 50-HR season?
--Mark Graham, Brookline Mass.


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