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Page 2 (Mike in Boston) -- Carl Everett should run for office, if only because I want a candidate whose platform prominently involves dinosaurs. The debates alone would be priceless. (Jason in Houston) -- When keeping it real goes wrong ... (Riley D.) -- Nic Cage gave his newborn son Superman's original Kryptonian name, otherwise known as "Kal-el." I think we found Carl Everett's equally insane running mate. (Troy G.) -- Cool article on former GNR bassist Duff McKagan's pursuit of a financial degree. It's bizarre to read rational financial analysis from a man once notorious for public urination and a drug-addled exploding pancreas. The problem is he could be the next Warren Buffet and I'd still be more interested in asking him questions like, "Did Axl ever explain the kilt phase to you guys? What was the deal with that?" -- The appeal of the "Curb Your Enthusiasm" cameo. By the way, for anyone that saw the season opener and also happens to be Jewish, tell me the ticket scalping scene wasn't running through your head this morning. While walking into synagogue (it's Rosh Hashanah), all I could think was, "I wonder if I could get three figures for this ticket." (Charlie G. in Cincinnati) -- "May your first child be a masculine child ... "

I had a really strange moment yesterday. While attending my first Falcons game of the season (much thanks, Adam), I went to get some food early in the second quarter. I returned to my seat, got settled in, and was about to devour my hot dog, fries, and beer, when suddenly the unspeakable happened -- Superman stayed down on the turf. Like everyone else, I was initially catatonic with fear. However, after a minute or so, I slowly became aware of my surroundings again (and by surroundings, I mean "food"). This was one of those epic moral battles that we only face a few times in life. On one hand, eating while the Falcons' season hung in the balance seemed like an indefensible scenario straight out of "Curb Your Enthusiasm"; I kept waiting for the tubas to start in. On the other hand, I think this was the hungriest I have ever been in my entire life. Regrettably, I ate. Although I can now rationalize that my decision was okay because Vick appears to be all right, I will never feel completely right about this. (Matt D. in Springfield, MA) -- Not only is "Trapped in the Closet" coming out on DVD, but it will feature insightful commentary from R. Kelly. This will be like Coppola explaining "The Godfather" frame by frame, only the exact opposite. (Dan C. in Burke, VA; takes a second to load) -- I might be a little late on this one, but it's worth it for those that haven't seen it yet. Serving as evidence to the deceptive power of the preview, I give you -- "The Shining": family comedy. -- After his record-setting start, Cadillac Williams is cashing in with endorsements from local Cadillac dealerships. I don't know about you, but never in a million years did I see that one coming.


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