By Kurt Snibbe
Page 2

For the past decade, tattoos have dominated the sports landscape.

Look at Allen Iverson. Look at Kevin Pittsnogle. Those guys are covered with 'em. Heck, with a little prodding from Kevin Millar, even Orioles pitching coach Leo Mazzone got into it with a pennant that reads "14 straight" on his arm to commemorate the 14 consecutive National League East crowns the Braves won with Mazzone on the bench.

Sill, most of those tats are the same. They send a message about how great they are, how much they love someone -- or how much they miss someone.

The Page 2 Ink Tank got together and came up with the body art we'd like to see. So if any of you guys below are reading this, give us call if you're interested -- we'll pick you up and pay for it.