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Recently, 49ers coach Mike Nolan petitioned the NFL to drop the now-traditional team gear while he roams the sidelines so that he can go with the old-school suit and tie.

Well, before Mike's request even reached the league's in box, the NFL had its decision: NO!

If you're thinking, "this has money written all over it" . . . well, then, you're right.

Reebok has an exclusive contract to provide all on-field sideline apparel for all NFL teams; and unless you've seen some stuff we haven't, they don't make suits.

"To me, it's professional. I think it's respectful," Nolan said to the San Francisco Chronicle. "There was certainly no deal, no one came to me, there was nothing to gain. I wasn't trying to put the spotlight on me. But what I was trying to say, there's somebody in charge and this is what they look like."

The NFL, like most leagues, does whatever it can to honor its history. So we decided to ask the question: What would happen if some of the league's most legendary coaches had to pick from Bill Belichick's closet instead of the Brook's Brothers rack?

Mike Nolan (the suit)Mike Nolan (NFL pitchman)
Mike Nolan
Mike Nolan
The consumate professional. Who wouldn't pick the 49ers to be back on top with a guy who looks like this running the show?
Like Mike's hat? His jacket? His underwear? It's all officially licensed by the NFL, and it's all for sale!

• Head coach Los Angeles Rams (1966-70)
• Head coach Washington Redskins (1971-77)

The term "business casual" didn't even exist in the '60s and '70s. So it's safe to say that Deacon Jones would be just another defensive end if he'd had to take orders from some dude in a sweatshirt.

• Head coach Dallas Cowboys (1960-1988)
• 13 Division titles
• 5 Super Bowl appearances
• 2 Super Bowl championships

You're kidding, right? A UT grad and the coach of America's Team isn't busting out the lawn-mowing clothes on Sundays.

• Head coach Green Bay Packers (1960-1968)
• 6 Division titles
• 5 NFL Championships
• 2 Super Bowl championships

One of the "Seven Blocks of Granite" in some sweats? The guy they named the Super Bowl trophy after in a windbreaker? Why not just give the guy a fanny pack and call it a day?