All the Super Bowl news you can't live without   

Updated: February 1, 2008, 11:57 AM ET

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If you're tired of the position-by-position breakdown of the Patriots and Giants, you've come to the right place.

We have all the Super Bowl information you know you need.


Today in Super Bowl history:
Feb. 1, 2004
Super Bowl XXXVIII: New England 32, Carolina 29. The first and third quarters Janet Jackson's boob were scoreless, Janet Jackson's boob but the Patriots and Janet Jackson's boob Panthers lit up the Janet Jackson's boob scoreboard in the Janet Jackson's boob second and fourth Janet Jackson's boob quarters, with New Janet Jackson's boob England coming out on Janet Jackson's boob top on a game-ending Janet Jackson's boob field goal by Janet Jackson's boob Adam Vinatieri. However, the game may be best remembered for Janet Jackson's "wardrobe malfunction" during the halftime show.
-- DJ Gallo

Place your pizza order now:
Live near Phoenix and want to have some pizza delivered during Sunday's big game? You have to place your order now. So says the manager of a Papa John's in Mesa. Such advance planning kind of takes the novelty out of being lazy, no?

Oh, and Jared Lorenzen, here is the number for the Papa John's closest to the stadium: (623) 936-7272. Might want to order that halftime pizza today. You're welcome.
-- DJ Gallo

Super Bowl celebrity sightings:
"Yeah, it does appear that I put my pants on backwards. What of it?"

"You know, I'm actually better at 'Call of Duty' and war games than I am at 'Madden' thanks to my soldier training."

"Aaaah. This game is not realistic. Where are the steroids?"

"Oh, man. Why do I have to play with the Bills?"

"I'll guess 17-23. No, no. Not the score. That's how many of the players I think I've slept with."
-- DJ Gallo

More Super Bowl news you probably can't use:
Beware of counterfeiters if you are looking to get tickets for Sunday. Any typos or imperfections are a definite warning sign. However, while mentions of the New York Giants and Tom Petty might make you think the ticket is an invalid reprint from a Super Bowl two decades ago, it may actually be legit.

• How much does the NFL have to pay to get its big-name halftime acts every year? Nothing. Because playing the Super Bowl results in a guaranteed boost in album sales. Unless you are Deion Sanders. His appearance in Super Bowl XXX didn't do much for this.

"Matt Cassel is every New England Patriots fan's worst nightmare." Really? I always thought every New England Patriots fan's worst nightmare was coming to the realization that the team existed before 2001.

Even God can't stop the Patriots.
-- DJ Gallo


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