College football tailgating bracket

Originally Published: October 5, 2009
Page 2

We've moved on to the semifinals of the tailgate bracket but have important news to deliver. Page 2 has banned Iowa State from the tournament. We received well over 12,000,000 votes in the most recent round -- and Iowa State received over 94 percent of the votes in its matchup against Louisiana Tech. Based on these unlikely vote totals and results, our tournament committee has advanced Louisiana Tech to the next round.

Place your vote for the tailgate you'd most like to attend.

Louisiana Tech
LA TECH! Tailgate Alley, Hide-Away Park, The Pavilion, The Hill, RV Row, and around the TAC are all great places to tailgate! Next season LA TECH is introducing sailgating at Lake Reneau next to The Joe! There is free food, fun, and games for everybody. Beer pong and washers for the students. Spacewalks, facepainting, and other games for the kids. Alumni sitting around the grill catching up on the good ol' days. You better pay for your spot or mark it the day before game day. All the tailgaters cheer as the Band of Pride marches through Tailgate Alley, and the fans line up for the Walk of Pride as the team arrives at the stadium! And the best part about it is that LA TECH has the best-looking Southern ladies!

M-A-R-Y-L-A-N-D, that is how you spell tailgate. As soon as Saturday hits, the feeling of game day is circulated throughout the air; alumni, students, opposing fans all moshing together in a mob of grilled meat, football and games, and a copious amount of food and drink. One specific memory: a student tailgate in a parking lot where the cops came to stop it, but were outnumbered similarly to the 300 from Sparta and resorted to leaving after being pelted by thousands of beer cans. There are always alumni and family coming back to support their alma mater. Tailgating here is not an option -- it is an obligation as a Terps fan.

There is nothing that compares to the sheer pandemonium that transpires on fall Saturdays at the corner of 17th and Woodlawn and as far as the eye can see in any direction. There's a reason that we can't get any recruits -- nobody leaves the tailgate to watch the game. Who needs fancy sundresses and ties like they wear down South when you've got a 1996 Scottie Pippen Dream Team jersey for warm weather, and the matching warm-ups for cold weather games? Both go great with IU's signature candy striped pants.

It doesn't get any better than Athens! Going out to North Campus on game day and seeing miles of red and black tents along with loud music, a plethora of food and drinks, and more kegs and beer pong then you know what to do with. Put all that together with the most beautiful girls in the world and you have the best tailgate! Goooooooo Dawgs!