Bodies We Want 2015

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Jack Mewhort, Anthony Castonzo and Todd Herremans

Photograph By Art Streiber

Mewhort: "It's cool to see three generations of linemen in the NFL. ... I'm one year in, Anthony is four years in and Todd is 10 years in. So I'm trying to find out what their routines are and what they do to maintain their bodies."

Herremans: "I think the view of offensive linemen from the public is that we're all just fat slobs. But the game has evolved into more fit, athletic offensive linemen. I would say that Anthony is probably the leanest of all of us, and I'm probably the chubbiest. Jack is somewhere in the middle."

Castonzo: "Yeah, I'm a naturally pretty skinny guy. I've got to plan on eating all day just to maintain my weight. I eat a lot."