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Inside the John Lee Jam

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John Lee on the microphone

Photograph By Keith Mulligan

This past winter, John Lee -- FBM employee, lifelong BMXer (pictured here) and one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet, took a bad fall at an indoor park. His injuries were far from minor -- a fractured jaw, eye socket, nasal cavity, and loss of a dozen teeth top the list. With a long and difficult recovery ahead of him, the BMX community did what it does best -- rally together to help him in any way possible -- one of which was a recent jam on Long Island. Fellow East Coasters Joe Doherty, Keith Terra, Tedd Nelson, Jeff Allen, and Rich Soper were the driving force who put together the event at John Lee's old racing stomping grounds -- Shoreham BMX. With smiles, hugs, and plenty of fun on two wheels, needless to say, the day was a huge success.