Bodies We Want 2011

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Photograph By Peter Hapak for ESPN The Magazine

"Snowboarding still lacks an athletic image. The general public sees us as party animals, but we can't really do that anymore because the tricks are getting so gnarly, and the consequences are serious. That's why I work on my body, to prevent injuries, bounce back quickly and handle the impact of landing after going 20 feet out from a 22-foot pipe wall. I went to Apolo Ohno's trainer, John Schaeffer, after the Vancouver Olympics, and he said straight up, 'No offense, man, but you aren't in shape.' He gave me this five-and-a-half-week camp that changed everything. It's a lot of interval running to build fast-twitch muscle fibers, and then your typical single-leg squats, jumping and running stairs with dumbbells. I went to New Zealand this summer after getting down from about 155 pounds, and I had just as much speed but could control the forces on my body better and snap tricks easier. I might not be built like a model, but my stocky legs are great for snowboarding."