Nate Robinson's Jordans

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Nate Robinson

Photograph By Taylor Castle for ESPN The Magazine

"Michael Jordan was my Hercules, Zeus and Napoleon. When I was 7, my father bought me my first Air Jordans, the VIIs, and I cried right there in the mall. I own maybe 150 Jordans. My rarest one is the all-yellow IVs [not pictured]. One of the worst days of my life was when my brother, Anthony Stewart, broke into my closet last summer and wore those IVs before I'd rocked them myself. He even rubbed it in by posting a photo on Instagram. I was like, 'Oh, hell no!' Never been so mad. Now I have a rule: You can drive my car, sleep in my bed, use my toothbrush, but if you touch the left side of my shoe closet, the Jordans side, we'll have problems." NATE ROBINSON, as told to Sam Alipour