Uni Watch Power Rankings (NFL)

The classic look of the Chicago Bears is perfectly embodied by Hall of Famer Walter Payton. Manny Rubio/US Presswire

Nike is taking over the NFL's uniform contract this season, but the NFL still looks like the NFL. Most of Nike's changes have been minor, if somewhat annoying, like the new "neck roll" collars that many teams are wearing, and the "sweatbox" tailoring patterns. So far, only one team has gotten a full-scale Nike makeover: the Seahawks.

Frankly, there are a few teams out there that could use a makeover. Here's our assessment of how NFL uniforms stack up (just click on each team's name to see its current uniform set):

UNI WATCH POWER RANKINGS -- Click team names to view uniform sets

(Special thanks to Michael Barreras, Jared Hartung, Mark Meeks and Zack Tanner for their photo research assistance.)

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