Uni Watch Power Rankings (MLB)

Two birds on a bat and Bob Gibson on the mound. That, dear readers, is baseball at its finest. Focus on Sport/Getty Images

Baseball uniform design is in a good place these days, thanks in large part to some redesigns that took place last winter. The Blue Jays, who'd been the worst-looking MLB team (and one of the worst in all of North American sports), suddenly became one of the best, and several other teams made major aesthetic improvements as well. As a result, baseball is now the best-looking game among the four major pro sports.

But that's not to say some teams don't have room for improvement. Here's our uni-based breakdown of the 30 MLB teams (just click on each team's name to see its current uniform set):

UNI WATCH POWER RANKINGS -- Click team names to view uniform sets

(Special thanks to Michael Barreras, Jared Hartung, Mark Meeks, and Zack Tanner for their photo research assistance.)

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