From Hot Tubs to Cat Food

Justin Forsett rushed for a career-high 1,266 yards and eight touchdowns last season. Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

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WE HEAR A lot about the big spenders, the athletes popping bottles and flying private jets ... to dinner. But do they actually do that? We decided to find out, asking six athletes -- from a millionaire NBA baller to a college swimmer -- to track every purchase they make. Turns out, it's lots of Chipotle and online shopping. Stars: They really are just like us!


You won't catch the Ravens' running back getting bottles at the club -- more like giving bottles in the crib, which the seven-year vet, on a $730,000 salary, shares with wife Angie, 2-year-old Judah and, coming in early 2015, a little bro for Judah. "I try to live below my means and stay away from the lavish," he says.

Primary gig: Baltimore Ravens RB

2014 salary: $730K

Age: 29

Residence: Baltimore

Dependents: Wife Angie; son Judah, 2 this month; son on the way, due in early 2015

How would you describe your lifestyle?

I'm an average guy, just really laid-back. It's hard to say if I have the typical NFL lifestyle because there are a lot of different guys in the locker room with different personalities and backgrounds. But I'm a family man, and we family men in the locker room, we tend to be pretty reserved and all about the necessities. I try to live below my means and stay away from the lavish. I'm all about savings.

Do you have a savings account, retirement account, stocks and bonds?

Yes to all.

Own real estate, or a company?

A company: I'm the co-owner of an athletic hygiene company called Shower Pill. We produce an antibacterial body wipe for people on the go. If you're going camping, jogging, doing a marathon or Crossfit, something where you're active, kill some germs before you can get to a shower, we help you clean up real quick so you can go about your life.

What's your most baller possession?

Possessions? I don't have many. But I'll say my Chevy Tahoe, 2008.

Most costly habit?

Eating. I love to eat, man. I'm not a big boy now, but I'm definitely gonna be a big boy when I retire. [Laughs]

Biggest purchase recently?

My wife's car -- an Audi Q7.

Dumbest purchase you've made recently?

I bought an industrial fan a while back. [Laughs] I was playing in Seattle and there was no A/C in the home, and it was so hot one day that I went out one day and did a stupid impulse-buy -- I bought this huge industrial fan. That thing was so loud, I couldn't even hear the TV. Oh man, I must've spent at least $100 on it. And I have no clue where it is today. That was pretty dumb.

Rent/mortgage monthly?

$1,900 rent.

Now, about your diary: Is this pretty representative of a typical period in your life?

I'd say it's a pretty typical period in Baltimore, even the pre-Halloween event. We're pretty relaxed and family-oriented. And as I'm talking to you now, my son just sat on me and took off his diaper.

: Breakfast sandwiches at local restaurant
$15: Passes to pumpkin patch event
"My mother-in-law, wife and son went to this event in Baltimore. They had a lot of fun. It was full of Halloween activities for the family, like a pony ride, a maze, some animals to pet -- and no monsters popping out."
$4: Hayride
$6: Two pumpkins
"We never did carve those pumpkins. Judah wasn't interested. And that's fine by me -- I'd cut my hand off."
$80: Gas
$11.40: Fish dinner at local restaurant
$125: One-hour massage
"The masseuse comes to my house twice a week. On Monday, we do it soft, not too deep, since I'm still sore from the game. Fridays we'll go a little deeper."

: CrossFit workout for my wife
$70: Monthly fee for Judah's exercise classes, My Gym
$15: Cupcakes, Icedgems Baking
$28.40: Three sandwiches, FireHouse Subs
"This is what you might call a little snack -- an appetizer before we went to Chipotle later."
$24: Dinner, Chipotle
"Chipotle is a hot spot for athletes. You can go get your nice, healthy bowl and feel good about it. Yeah, I had two dinners. I love to eat."

: Groceries, diapers, cleaning supplies, Wegmans
"I'm telling you, kids can get expensive. We probably spend close to $500 every month on diapers, baby food and baby sitters. Look, I'm happy buying the diapers -- whatever the kid needs, I'll provide -- but I just wish he would leave some of that poop for when Mom changes him too."
$60: Dinner, Edo Sushi