From Hot Tubs to Cat Food

Illustration by Roxie Vizcarra 

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WE HEAR A lot about the big spenders, the athletes popping bottles and flying private jets ... to dinner. But do they actually do that? We decided to find out, asking six athletes -- from a millionaire NBA baller to a college swimmer -- to track every purchase they make. Turns out, it's lots of Chipotle and online shopping. Stars: They really are just like us!


Major League Soccer's second-highest scorer tallied 22 goals and took Sporting KC to the playoffs. Says the British bachelor, who makes $92,500 a year. "I'm a guy who focuses on the game and has fun after too." He has the club's co-MVP title -- and the bar tabs -- to prove it.

Gig: Sporting KC striker

Salary: $92.5K

Age: 24

Residence: Kansas City, Missouri

Dependents: None

How would you describe your lifestyle?

I wouldn't say I'm a crazy partier, but I'm adventurous and I can definitely let my hair down.

What percentage of your paycheck goes into savings?

Hard to say -- I just started saving a year ago. I try to put something away every month. I'm not reckless, I'm definitely smart, but if I want something, I'll buy it. I don't have a lot of responsibilities yet.

What's your most baller possession?

Maybe my Hyundai Genesis.

Most costly habit?

Clothes. I like to take care of myself. I like some designer stuff, but I'll buy regardless of the label. I also like to go out to dinner a lot.

Biggest purchase you've made recently?

I spent a lot of money on a shopping spree at the mall the other week, like $1,000, mostly on clothes. But I'd won a lot of money at a KC casino the day before, so I was treating myself.

Dumbest purchase you've made recently?

You know those basketball shoot-around arcade games? That Pop-A-Shot thing? I bought one for my house. It's only dumb because we broke it the other night. A few of the guys came over and it got kind of intense. Now I have to buy another one.

Rent/mortgage monthly?

Rent $1,600. I share a place with my teammate and bestie, Soony Saad. I want to buy soon, but I rent right now.

Now, about your diary: Is this pretty representative of a typical five days in your life?

Every week is different, depending on the futbol schedule.

: Netflix monthly fee
$9.99: Frozen yogurt, Peachwave
$14: Car wash, Rainbow
$16.38: Movies, AMC Theatres
"My teammate Soony Saad, a few friends and I saw "Gone Girl," and now I'm scared to death of women and I absolutely will not get married. Otherwise, good movie."
$76.85: Cheesecake Factory

$111.56: McCoy's Public House
$60: The Gusto Lounge
$7: Kansas City B-cycle
"After a bar night, we never let anybody drive. At 2:30 a.m. we saw this rental place and decided to bike home. We returned them 30 minutes later when we couldn't find a place to leave them."
$66.54: Groceries
$47.67: Fuel, QuikTrip
$64.90: Kansas City Royals fitted cap and beanie
"For Game 6 of the World Series, Fox gave box seats to my friends Abby Wambach and Sydney Leroux, who brought me along."

$23.67: Lunch at Midway airport en route to playoff game in NYC

$30.50: Breakfast, Stacks
$11.91: Snacks

$150: Cadillac Cantina
"After our loss in the knockout game to the Red Bulls, this became a relaxed, drown-your-sorrows kind of night."
$60: Taxi to airport
$250.21: Halloween costumes
"A big group bought costumes to split up later. I was the Big Bad Wolf one night and an FBI agent the next."
$141.96: Halloween partying, various places in KC
"I honestly don't remember where we went, but we definitely moved around a lot. Beyond that, what happens on Halloween stays on Halloween."