Jimmy Butler has a 6,000-pound aquarium shaped like a boom box

Jimmy Butler has a 6,000-pound boom box aquarium in his new home.

No, seriously. Take a look at this clip from an upcoming episode of Animal Planet's "Tanked":

The All-Star swingman discussed his new addition after Thursday's practice.

"We got a few fishes in there," Butler said with a smile. "Nothing special, nothing you can't have in your house."

The key to Butler's boom box aquarium? It has speakers inside so that the fish can hear the music as well.

"[The fish] need a little country music," Butler said. "Make them feel right at home. If you're going to be a part of my household you've got to like country music."

When asked if Jay Z would be playing in the aquarium, Butler was noncommittal. He did note that Marky Mark was a possibility given his close friendship with actor Mark Wahlberg.

"You never know what kind of mood I'm in," Butler said. "The Weeknd's back there playing right now. Maybe Weeknd in the speakers sometimes, Shania Twain, you never know."