This student gave his bullied classmate a pair of LeBrons

If you needed a reminder that there is still good in the world ...

This young student noticed that his classmate was being bullied for the type of shoes he was wearing, so he took matters into his own hands.

It just might be the best thing you'll see all day:

According to Facebook, the young man in the video took notice when other students hurt his classmate's feelings. After going home upset, he begged his mom to help his classmate and returned to school the next day with a pair of Nike LeBron James shoes and gave them to his friend.

The reaction of both is priceless.

LeBron saw the video and posted it to his Instagram with the caption: "You're going to great places kid for your generosity towards him. True leadership right there! #StriveForGreatness #IPROMISE".

Is it just me or is it getting dusty in here?