Sebastien Bellin recounts deadly terrorist attack at Brussels airport

Sebastien Bellin recounts Brussels terror attack (2:05)

Former European professional basketball player talks about his experience in the terror attack at the Zaventem international airport. (2:05)

Sebastien Bellin, the former European professional basketball player who was injured in the terrorist attacks Tuesday in Brussels, said he thought about his young daughters while trying to survive the deadly explosions at Zaventem international airport.

Bellin, who played collegiately in the United States, described his experience during an interview Thursday with ABC.

"I just didn't want my girls to grow up without a dad, you know?" Bellin told ABC. "It's funny, the things you think of.

"I started playing tennis with my oldest, my 7-year-old. She's a hell of a tennis player, and so I was like, 'I got to get through this, you know, because she needs her coach.' And some of the things that go through your head, they seem so trivial, but it gets you through those moments."

Bellin, 37, also told ABC that he witnessed the first explosion while standing at the airport's ticket counter.

"I remember seeing a first explosion at the pharmacy at the airport, and I turned my head and I saw all these people running. ... I think I blacked out a little bit," he said. "The whole time I was just trying, I told myself, 'I got to make it, I got to make it, I got to make it,' and I when got in the ambulance, I knew I was good."

Bellin underwent multiple surgeries to treat his injuries and participated in the interview from his hospital bed. He currently resides in Michigan and works for a basketball scouting agency.

Bellin, a native of Brazil, played two seasons at Marist from 1996 to 1998 before transferring to Oakland, where he appeared in 30 games during the 1999-2000 season. Both schools released statements wishing Bellin a speedy recovery.

ABC contributed to this report.