10 times Prince touched the sports world

Prince Has Manners. Let Carlos Boozer tell it and he once nearly offered The Purple One the fade. The story goes Prince once rented a Beverly Hills house from the NBA forward. Prince completely Prince'd the place out to the nine's with purple water and molding on top of the ceilings. Before any punches could be thrown, Prince allegedly delivered a line so hilarious it sounds more like a lost "Chappelle Show" line telling Carlos, "Here, Boozer, here is a little check for about a million. It'll take care of everything. Get it back the way you want." If only Johnny Manziel had this much respect for other people's cribs.

The King of Turn-Up. Michael Jordan was off playing baseball and Shaq and Penny were still becoming the duo that inspired a recent "30 For 30." So '94 was a transition period for the league. A long time sports fan, Prince made sure to show the NBA a good time to the tune of quite possibly the greatest All Star Weekend performance ever. Our own Jerry Bembry can't remember a party high quite like the midnight concert at Paisley Park Studios. "That was my first NBA All-Star game, and I left Minneapolis asking, 'Is it like this every year?,'" he pondered. "And each year during All-Star weekend I search for another party like it."

Prince The GM. Prince once recorded a fight song for the Minnesota Vikings, and he's arguably the most famous person to come out of Minnesota. That alone gives him an advantage in the armchair GM rankings. For reasons not confirmed by the Vikings, they have yet to take him up on his 2013 suggestion: let Adrian Peterson pick his teammates the way Kobe Bryant did with the Lakers.

The Night Prince Saved MJ From The Cry Face. It's not often Michael Jordan is the second-most popular person in the room. But one could make the argument he was All Star Weekend 2015 in New York. Beyonce, Jay Z, Queen Latifah, Chris Rock, Carmelo Anthony and who knows how many other A-Listers helped MJ celebrate the 30th anniversary of his Jordan Brand franchise. Prince took the stage with his band 3RDEYEGIRL and ran through a set that was basically a best-of playlist including "Purple Rain," "Let's Go Crazy," "1999" and more. Not even the internet could've figured out a way to Cry Face that moment. I think.

The King Pays Homage To A Prince. 'Prince James' is normally used when people want to hate on the man they call King James. Last October, however, LeBron became Prince, fully committing to the role at the Cavaliers Halloween party. Granted, he didn't sound nearly as good as his blueprint, and he was nearly two-feet taller, but you have to give respect when it's due. The two-time Finals MVP gets an A for effort and execution. Only time will tell if he can say the same about the 2016 playoffs.

So What'd Prince Think Of The "Chappelle" Skit? I love the skit. You love the skit. We all love the skit. It's safe to say the "Chappelle Show's" Prince vs. Charlie Murphy basketball skit is one of the funniest moments on cable TV we've ever seen. But how did Prince feel about it? A January 2016 interview with Murphy says he wasn't too much of a fan. Fret not, though, serving pancakes after the ass-whoopin' is as real as everyday ending in "Y."

It's Not So Super Without Prince. In 2007, he performed in a steady downpour with four live guitars on a slick tile surface in the rain with dancers wearing 8-inch heels beside him. The tens of thousands on hand in Miami got to see the best Super Bowl halftime show ever, according to Billboard, which ended with an unforgettable silhouette that only he could pull off. We were just a couple of years out from the Justin Timberlake/Janet Jackson fiasco, and Prince pulled off an incredible amount of sexy, without only playing his own music.

He's Been Balling Since High School, Literally. Even in short shorts and calf-length socks as a middle schooler, he was fly. Rocking a requisite afro, tales of his prowess were well known (he eventually played as a 9th-grader), but the photo of him went viral last year courtesy a Star Tribune reporter who found it in the archives. It originally ran in the lead up to the release of "Purple Rain," an edition which according to the paper, was its highest selling ever, and until the Minnesota Twins won the World Series in 1987, their first.

Prince Put On For His City. As a hoops fan from Minneapolis, he showed love to all. So, when the Minnesota Lynx won their third WNBA Championship last year, he held an impromptu concert for the team, Target Center personnel and other invitees at Paisley Park -- and played for THREE HOURS. He'd attended the decisive Game 5 of the finals, so decided to congratulate the team. The party didn't stop until 4 a.m., which is standard operating procedure for a monarch.

He's The Only One To Pull Off The Royal Look With Any Regularity. In the past two years, the artist has shown up to the French Open to see Rafa Nadal play and to Oracle Arena to sit courtside to see the Golden State Warriors play. Most importantly though, he presided over said courts with only the most regal of accessories: a scepter. According to Wikipedia, over the course of history "sometimes, it could be used for showing a sense of divinity." Indeed.