RNC spokesman confirms Tim Tebow won't speak at convention

Tim Tebow will not speak at the Republican National Convention, according to RNC chief spokesman Sean Spicer, who ended speculation that the former football star would talk on behalf of Donald Trump next week in Cleveland.

Tebow was one of a number of sports figures on the list of speakers approved by Trump, the GOP's presumptive presidential nominee. But the former Heisman Trophy winner posted on Facebook on Thursday that reports of his involvement at the RNC are just "a rumor."

Spicer confirmed that Tebow would not speak during an interview Friday morning with CNN.

"I think that we would love to have him, don't get me wrong," Spicer said. "There was some speculation that he might be coming. I think he's cleared that up."

Tebow, who is an ESPN analyst, posted a video on his Facebook account Thursday night, saying that he recently returned from a trip to the Philippines.

"I wake up this morning to find out that I'm speaking at the Republican National Convention," the former NFL quarterback said. "It's amazing how fast rumors fly. And that's exactly what it is, a rumor.''

Tebow said he is willing to do "anything for America," but that won't include speaking on Trump's behalf at the GOP convention in Cleveland.

"He's a phenomenal individual," Spicer said. "He's very principled. He's somebody that a lot of people admire, both in athletics and in the evangelical movement. If he was able to come or be here in Cleveland, I'm sure someone could find a role for him."

Information from The Associated Press was used in this report.