The Departed: Exploring legacies left behind by teams that left town


With the Rams rebooting in Los Angeles, ESPN.com presents a series of 10 stories exploring the remnants departed teams have left behind in the cities they abandoned.

Why MLB's Browns aren't hated for ditching St. Louis
The Browns -- who gave St. Louis a 3-foot-7 pinch hitter and a one-armed outfielder but no championships -- were too comically inept to hate for leaving town and becoming the Baltimore Orioles.
By Thomas Neumann

Warriors' Philly legacy: 100 points, one photo
The Warriors' impact on Philadelphia is best represented by Wilt Chamberlain's 100-point performance and the famous postgame photo orchestrated by a different kind of legend, Harvey Pollack.
By Ashley Fox

Remembering Troy's long-ago big league history
From 1879 to '82, the Trojans made Troy, N.Y., a major league town. The team's ghosts come to life with the help of a monument to the city's baseball heritage and a writer's vivid imagination.
By Steve Wulf

Seattle Pilots barely remembered beyond 'Ball Four'
The Seattle Pilots existed for one season before moving to Milwaukee and didn't leave much behind, other than a scathing book. But the Mariners might not exist without them.
By Jim Caple

How Hartford keeps Whalers from fading away
Nearly two decades after the team moved away, it's not a stretch to say the Whalers are still part of the fabric of Hartford life -- and for some fans, a big part.
By Paul Lukas

Buffalo teacher won't let go of long-lost Braves
Success wasn't meant to be for the Braves -- now the Clippers -- in Buffalo. But a local teacher isn't letting go of the piece of his childhood that left town nearly 40 years ago.
By Johnette Howard

How Youppi!, Habs keep Expos' spirit alive
The Expos are gone but far from forgotten in Montreal, thanks to a strong connection with the Canadiens that includes -- but doesn't end with -- Youppi!, the beloved sport-swapping mascot.
By Thomas Neumann

Why Lakers' loss to Globetrotters was so meaningful
The Lakers aren't very well remembered for their time in Minneapolis, but the team's 1948 loss to the Harlem Globetrotters turned out to be a landmark event in the integration of basketball.
By Johnette Howard

Vagabond A's led colorful lives in Philly, KC
If the Athletics ever end up leaving Oakland, it wouldn't be the team's first move. The franchise already has left behind legacies of success in Philadelphia and frivolity in Kansas City.
By Thomas Neumann

Walton blames self for Clippers' San Diego exit
Bill Walton has great stories to tell about San Diego, his beloved hometown. But his time there while playing for the Clippers -- "my greatest failure as a professional" -- didn't end well.
By Arash Markazi