Body Confidential: The Bod's Honest Truth

Kyusung Gong/Zuma Press/Icon Sportswire

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LONG LIVE THE King and Queen! We polled 146 of the world's top athletes across eight professional leagues* and their picks are in: LeBron and Serena boast the best bodies in sports. Here's the rest of their body of thought.

Who has the best body in sports?

LeBron James 30 percent (most popular answer; male)
Cristiano Ronaldo 19 percent

"LBJ rises to another level every year. Most people wilt as they get older." --MLS midfielder

Serena Williams 43 percent (most popular answer; female)
Alex Morgan 7 percent
Lindsey Vonn 7 percent

"Serena is a goddess to me." --NFL defensive end

What is the worst personal hygiene habit you've witnessed in a locker room or clubhouse?

Not showering after games 27 percent (most popular answer)
Body odor/Not wearing deodorant 13 percent
No shower shoes 10 percent

"Not flushing the toilet. You'll come in from a practice or game and there's just ... What are we, animals?" --MLS goalkeeper

Have you ever faked an illness or injury to get out of practice or workouts?

Yes 10 percent
No 83 percent
No, but I know someone who has 7 percent

"Are you kidding? I wanted to play after having my appendix removed." --NFL center

Have you ever played a game hungover?

Yes 22 percent
No 78 percent

"[It was in a] practice round for one of my first tournaments. I think I was still drunk on the course." --LPGA pro

What part of your body are you most self-conscious about?

Stomach/abs 29 percent (most popular answer)
Nothing at all 17 percent
Feet 11 percent

"My big fat belly. I can't wait to get under 300 pounds when my career is over." --NFL offensive lineman

What food do you know you should avoid but sneak in anyway?

Pizza 15 percent (most popular answer)
Ice cream 10 percent
Chips 8 percent (most popular: Hot Cheetos)
Fast food 7 percent (most popular: McDonald's)

"I just bought a box of 100 bags of Baked Hot Cheetos." --NFL defensive end

Professional athletic success is:

37 percent body
63 percent work ethic

"Thirty percent body. 70 percent work ethic. That's how I got here." --MLB pitcher

*Not all athletes answered every question; LPGA, MLB, MLS, NBA, NFL, NHL, NWSL, WNBA and Olympic athletes were polled.