World Cup Moments - The 'Hand of God'

Argentina's quarter final against England at the 1986 World Cup showcased the best and worst of Diego Maradona in the steamy Azteca Stadium in Mexico City.

There was already bad blood between the two sides following a testy encounter in 1966, and the Falklands war between the two nations which had concluded only four years previously.

The rivalry was taken to another level here, not least because of this first classic moment.

After a negative start from the English, the contest opened up in the second period; up to which point there had been no clue of the drama to follow.

Maradona steadily began to have an impact on the contest, using his low centre of gravity to wriggle his way past defenders and exert his influence over the fixture.

When the opening came, however, it was the dark side of Maradona - and not his genius - that bewitched England.

Jorge Valdano, picking up the ball from Maradona, looped it back into the forward's path via a deflection as the diminutive superstar advanced towards goalkeeper Peter Shilton.

The stopper appeared to have the situation under control as he leapt to punch, but Maradona appeared to match him with an astonishing jump.

Shilton came off second best as Maradona lifted the ball above him and into the net.

At first glance, the goal may perhaps sneak past scrutiny as the result of a fine header and a remarkable climb from the Argentinian. However, with closer scrutiny, it was clear that Maradona had used his forearm to tip the ball past Shilton.

It was daylight robbery on the grandest stage of all, and referee Ali Ben Nasser was none the wiser.

England were rattled, and with a magnificent second goal, Maradona put them to bed moments later.

When questioned about his devious moment after the match, the iconic Number 10 explained the goal as "a little with the head of Maradona and a little with the hand of God."

Needless to say, England were less than impressed.

It remains perhaps the most controversial moment -- and the most outlandish example of cheating -- in World Cup history.

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