ESPN Holiday Guide: Gifts for kids

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Our list of gifts for the young ones in your life covers all the bases, with suggestions sure to be big hits during the holidays and beyond.

Circuit Scribe Drone Builder Kit

This one's a fun way to get your kids outside. You can let your creativity merge with technology as the kit comes with easy-to-assemble components. The kit allows you to build circuits that connect the components with help from the Circuit Scribe conductive ink pen. The drone comes with a camera and can be operated off Android or iOS devices. Plenty of instructional videos are located on the website to get you started.

Price: $99.99 | circuitscribe.com

Lego Ideas Pop-up Book

I can't seem to make my holiday recommendations without including a Lego item. Between smart licensing deals and their creative genius, Lego is tough to beat. And I'm a sucker for gifts that allow your children to add their own creative touches, and this one does just that. The first pop-up book in Lego history features fairy-tale stories of Little Red Riding Hood and Jack and the Beanstalk. After that, your child can write his or her own Lego story.

Prices: $70 and up | ebay.com

Youth Axe Bat Speed Trainers powered by Driveline Baseball

This one is a tad higher than our normal price range, but too good to leave out. Axe bat recently rolled out its Speed Trainer Hitting System powered by Driveline. The system works well for individual home/practice use and comes with two bats that are optimized for performance, with one being weighted for power and the other for speed. The program gives you step-by-step instructions for each week and is designed for both in-season and offseason use. With well-designed products like this and AL MVP Mookie Betts swinging an Axe, it's worth a look.

Price: $299.99 | ebay.com

PitchTracker Smart Softball

The PitchTracker Smart Softball is produced by Diamond Kinetics and combines an easy-to-use mobile application with robust and sturdy hardware. Players, parents and coaches unlock powerful information about the pitching motion that can help their development. The ball will track a pitcher's velocity and create location pitch charts. A Premium Pitcher subscription unlocks the spin rate, spin direction and time-to-plate metrics.

The PitchTracker Smart Softball app allows for video capture and data sync to provide insight on how body movement affects key metrics. Diamond Kinetics has a similar baseball product, as well, and every user receives a free 14-day trial subscription.

Price: $99.99 (Premium pitcher subscription is $9.99 per month) | diamondkinetics.com

GlowCity Light Up Basketball

If your young hoopster has ditched the devices for his/her love of the game but is having darkness put an early end to the fun, this one's for you. Thanks to two Hi-Bright LEDs, the entire ball lights up with a fire-like glow and makes hoops after dark a lot more fun, extending the amount of time you don't have to watch your child sit on the couch with a device.

Price: $25 | ebay.com

Baseball Bedroom Decorations

The child that eats, breathes and sleeps baseball will drift off with a smile with this addition to the bedroom decor. And while we chose to feature baseball in our photo, the same product is available for almost all sports, and it's easy to apply in case Santa needs to put it up while the little ones are sleeping.

Price: As low as $12 | ebay.com

And, in case you missed them from previous editions of the Gift Guide:

NBA mini rocker speaker chair

Your kids can feel like they're courtside with a built-in audio system in this comfy rocker chair.

$159 | pbteen.com

NFL Gear knit hats

Help your littlest loved ones stay warm on even the coldest of days, as they cheer on their favorite team during its run toward Super Bowl glory.

$27.99 | eBay.com

Customized team belt

You've never seen your child express passion for a belt? Just wait till they see this accessory -- good luck getting them to wear a regular belt again.

Youth from $65, adults from $100 | showbelts.com

The C64 Mini

Show your kid how you once dominated the gamer scene. This working replica of the C64 captures all the details of the original but is a whole lot easier to connect to modern displays since it has an HDMI port. The C64 Mini includes a lot of classic games that will excite both young and old.

$80 | eBay.com