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The latest NBA free agent intel ... We haven't seen an NBA free-agent market like this in years, and it's very possible that we could see the league's entire competitive landscape changed in a few weeks. Brian Windhorst has the latest inside information on which teams are planning on making the biggest splashes in this loaded market. Read More

Rating the NFL offseasons ... Titles are won in the offseason (at least in part), and this NFL offseason was more eventful than most. From the Browns potentially becoming an offensive powerhouse to the Raiders' latest rebuild, here's how all 32 teams' offseason moves stack up. Read More

Let Zion pick where he wants to play ... Adam Silver recently expressed his concern about the mental health of NBA players, attributing many of their issues to the influence of social media. One factor that might play into it is that NBA players have zero say in where they get to play for the first seven years of their career -- and subsequently, the city they'll be living in and other things that can be taken for granted. Is it time to let players select teams rather than the other way around? Read More


Dear football ... He was born without arms or legs, but that didn't stop him on his quest to become a high school football coach. Now that Rob Mendez is the deserving recipient of the 2019 Jimmy V Award for Perseverance, he has written a letter to the game that allowed him to inspire so many others -- and affected him profoundly. Read More



"He has every chance to be as good as a player or better. Will he win two MVPs? That is not a fair thing to say, because so much of that is on circumstance and situation. You never know. But can he be a guy that plays in eight All-Star Games? Absolutely."
-- Steve Nash on RJ Barrett, via The Undefeated. Read more


On this date in 2016, the Cleveland Cavaliers beat the Golden State Warriors in seven games to win their first NBA title. At least part of that is due to LeBron James pulling off perhaps the greatest blocked shot in NBA history. How astounding was it? Here's the full breakdown. Watch


No. 8 Texas Tech vs. Florida State (7 p.m. ET, ESPN): Both of these teams are trying to stay alive in the College World Series, although their momentum is going in opposite directions. Texas Tech won a hard-fought game against Arkansas, and Florida State was shut out by Michigan on a three-hitter.

Giants at Dodgers (10 p.m. ET, ESPN): You'd think the Dodgers would prevail in a pitching matchup where the starters had a three-run ERA differential in their favor, but that wasn't the case Monday night as they gave Tyler Beede his first big league victory. The lesson here? Even tonight's matchup, with Rich Hill's 2.60 ERA against Drew Pomeranz's 6.43 mark, is no sure thing.