Welcome to the very busy intersection of sports and Hollywood

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Ever since Babe Ruth donned a pound of pancake makeup to play himself in the 1920 film Headin' Home (Google it! It's bad!), the on-screen romance between sports and entertainment has been a torrid one. (Or did you forget what the "E" in ESPN stood for?)

The Bambino went on to play himself in no fewer than 10 films. Jim Brown bagged the NFL for an acting career (way better than Ruth's), and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar played the tallest co-pilot in cinematic history. Shaq rapped OK; Lillard rapped better. Lineman Dwayne Johnson became wrestler The Rock became extremely well-paid actor Dwayne Johnson, years before LeBron and Kobe took their talents to the studio backlots.

Today's athletes are taking that script and running with it: The women of scripted wrestling are now the main event. Freeskier Gus Kenworthy is sticking the landing in his jump to TV. And from the telenovela of the Lakers to the epic drama that is Serena, the plot thickens in the intersection of Hollywood and sports. Heck, the roster of cinema's greatest fictional athletes is so deep you could pack a 32-character bracket with it -so (yo, Adrian) we did it!

But enough of the previews. Salt your popcorn and adjust your stadium seating. It's time for the show to begin.