The ESPN Daily: The "Grandmaster Flush" of chess, Jordan Spieth's struggles, and the strongest NFL team of 2021

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Look to the future ... Sure, your favorite team might be in bad shape this year, but what about in 2021? Our ESPN+ NFL experts have the complete grades and rankings for every NFL team based on the next three seasons. And, before you ask: Yes, the Patriots are still probably going to be in pretty good shape. But not the best shape! That belongs to an entirely different team. Read More

Inside Jordan Spieth's cluttered mind ... It's been nearly two years since Jordan Spieth won a tournament, and the former World No. 1 is looking for answers. What do you do when everything about your game went from immaculate to disjointed? Spieth is still looking for answers. This week at the 148th Open Championship, we'll see if he's found any. Read More

Get those trades in ... July is half over, and MLB teams have only a few more weeks to prepare themselves for the playoffs. You know as well as we do that trades made before the deadline can have a dramatic impact on a team's fortunes -- whether you pick up the player who drives you to the World Series or the one who tanks your franchise for years. We've got the latest intel and analysis on every MLB trade right here. Read More


Grandmaster Flush ... In chess, the title of "grandmaster" is the highest a player can attain apart from "World Champion." It's a signifier of just how terrifying an opponent one would be on a chess board, someone who can practically read minds and see the future. Or, it might just indicate that you had a little outside help. That's what the International Chess Federation says is the case with grandmaster Igors Rausis, who was discovered using a chess program on his phone while on a bathroom break at a tournament. We don't have anything to add here that could make this story more ridiculous, so just read the full account. Read More



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"... He's only 19, right? He's definitely a freak. I've never seen nothing like it."

-- Lonzo Ball, on Zion Williamson, via Ohm Youngmisuk Read More


On this date in 1941, Joe DiMaggio got a hit in his 56th straight game, establishing a record which no player has even come close to breaking. It's so singular that scientist Stephen Jay Gould argued that, statistically, it should never even have happened -- that there hasn't been enough baseball played yet for something like it to have had time to occur. Imagine being so good that you defeat math.


Chris Herren: The First Day (8 p.m. ET, ESPN): Former NBA player Chris Herren struggled with heroin addiction for much of his career, and a scary overdose in 2008 nearly left him dead. Since then, he's been clean, and has talked to over a million people about substance abuse. This is his story.

Fiorentina vs. Chivas (9 p.m. ET, ESPN2/ESPN Deportes/ESPN App): The International Champions Cup kicks off tonight, with some of soccer's biggest teams competing in the most competitive friendly tournament you'll ever see. Here's everything you need to know: Read More

World Series of Poker Final Table (9 p.m. ET, ESPN): We're down to the final three contestants remaining in the World Series of Poker. Who will end up with all the chips when the last river card is shown? Tune in to find out.