The ESPN Daily: How Gritty came to life, a touch of gray for the Nets and shade out of nowhere on a Philly WR

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A year in the life of Gritty ... Can you believe it has been only a year since Gritty came into our lives? It could have gone either way when he burst onto the scene in a cloud of orange fur, but he very quickly won over the hearts of Flyers fans and non-Flyers fans alike. Here's an oral history of how he went from googly-eyed weirdo to universally beloved googly-eyed weirdo. Read More


Everything's at stake ... It's the final week of MLB's regular season, and for the teams still alive in the playoff race, there's still quite a bit left to play for. It's one of those times when throwaway late-season series against eliminated teams suddenly take on paramount importance, as non-playoff squads can play spoiler for any number of playoff hopefuls. We've got the full rundown of everything that teams will be playing for as September comes to a close. Read More

Undefeated surprises ... Seven teams in the NFL have won their first three games of the season, and though we expected that of the Patriots and Chiefs, there are things that even our experts didn't expect to happen on each team. Bill Barnwell does what he does best and goes deep into the breakdown of the biggest surprises -- and least surprising things -- about each 3-0 team. Read More

The NBA's best ... We're less than a month away from the NBA's 2019-20 season, which is as good a time as any to rank All The Things. Hey, when was the last time someone made an "X All The Things" reference? That meme seems a little old, honestly. We just looked it up, and it's from 2010. That's ancient in internet years! Oh, well. Anyway, one of the things we are ranking is NBA players, and our list is so extensive that we've divided it in half. Check out which of your favorites are among Nos. 100-51 in the NBA this season ... and see if we've put anyone too low for your tastes. Read More


The neutral-look Nets? All we know about the Nets' new court is that our gut says "maybe." Long famous for its black and white minimalism, the court at the Barclays Center is getting a splash of color: gray. It's a bold new look for a team that's going into 2019 as a legitimate title contender. Think gray is boring? Think again! Steel is gray! So are wolves! And storm clouds! Nets can also be a grayish color, so this works on multiple levels. Also, look at that font! Helvetica! So clean. Read More


Shade from an unlikely place ... A Philadelphia man was describing how he and others helped save children from a fire when he took Eagles wide receiver Nelson Agholor to task for some untimely drops this season. Philly fans are unrelenting. Watch


"Don't hit the panic button. I think we realize how close we are, but that's the frustrating part."

-- Baker Mayfield on the Browns' 1-2 start Read more


On this date in 1992, Colorado quarterback Kordell Stewart (Slash!) threw a Hail Mary pass that was deflected and, incredibly, caught by Michael Westbrook for a game-winning touchdown against Michigan. Watch


College Football 150: The American Game (7 p.m. ET, ESPN): Our documentary series celebrating the 150th anniversary of college football continues, this time with a focus on the long and difficult road toward the sport's racial integration and a reminder of how much longer we have to travel.

Indians at White Sox (8 p.m. ET, ESPN): The White Sox can play spoiler to the Indians' wild-card chances tonight -- Cleveland is in a three-team race for the final two postseason spots, and as is appropriate in September, every game counts quite a bit.

Washington Mystics vs. Las Vegas Aces (9 p.m. ET, ESPN2): The Sun swept the Sparks over the weekend, so it's time for the Mystics to try to close out their series against the Aces for the right to face off in the WNBA Finals. Las Vegas is down 2-1 in their series, but a 92-75 win in Game 3 has to be making Washington slightly nervous.