The ESPN Daily: Lamar Jackson claims more broken ankles, the turning of the Crimson Tide, and an epic Dolphins trick play

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You might notice the newsletter looks a little different today. This, like so few things in life, is actually intentional. To paraphrase the great Frank Tilghman from "Road House," this ... this is the new ESPN Daily. We hope you enjoy:


Is Tom Brady slipping? Yes, I know: asking that question generally ends with Tom Brady quickly returning to his typical form and running roughshod over the rest of the AFC to the Super Bowl. But look, despite the fact that the Patriots' defense is objectively terrifying -- a fact that would make the Super Bowl practically a foregone conclusion in any other year -- Brady and the offense look scattered and inconsistent. With the Ravens' win on Sunday, New England is out of the top spot in the AFC seedings, and they're going to have to turn things around pretty quickly to have a chance at getting back there. In today's ESPN Daily podcast, Bill Barnwell joins Mina Kimes to figure out if Brady's decline is for real. In the second half, they'll discuss whether any team really wants to win the rancid NFC East. Listen here.


Lamar. Jackson. It wasn't the same kind of dominant performance they had against the Patriots, but Lamar Jackson and the Ravens just knocked off another potential Super Bowl contender. Almost like, hey, maybe they're potential Super Bowl contenders themselves? Maybe even the best team in the NFL? Seems like a pretty uncontroversial statement, considering they keep winning all the time. Jackson's passing numbers were pedestrian this game, but his ability to get things done on the ground was still in evidence, as poor K'Waun Williams found out on this play

Oh, and don't feel too bad for the 49ers. They're still optimistic -- and looking for a rematch the only way they can

Turning of the Tide ... The thing about big institutions such as Alabama football is they look invincible right up until the point when they aren't. That point came for the Crimson Tide this past weekend, when a crazy Iron Bowl ended in a missed field goal and a loss to Auburn. Now, they're out of the AP top five for the first time in four years, and, more importantly, out of the College Football Playoff.

There's so much to cover from this ridiculous weekend and the fallout of Bama's loss. Here are the things you need to know:

  • Not one, not two, not three, but eight moments from the Iron Bowl might fall into college football legend.

  • What's next for each ranked team? Our experts have the full breakdown.

  • Will Alabama make a good bowl? Probably! Maybe even a really good one. We had our experts predict every bowl matchup.

  • And, to top it all off, we've got an inside look at the road to the College Football Playoff for the remaining contenders.



Luka hits step-back 3 over LeBron

With LeBron James guarding, Luka Doncic steps back and hits a deep 3-pointer in the fourth quarter.


Week 6's hottest kicks For his first game after re-signing with Nike, P.J. Tucker turned to an old-school classic for his sneaker choice: a pair of Kobe Bryant's Huarache 2K5s. This particular design -- a result of Kobe's choosing four winners from a fan contest -- is so rare that there's only one other pair of its kind in existence. Pretty sweet. But was it the best kicks from Thanksgiving week? Cast your vote right here to find out if the masses agree.


"All the outpour of love I've been getting ... really enjoying it, but of course, now that the season started, I miss it more. ... I miss being with you guys."

-- Dirk Nowitzki, after the Lakers paid tribute to him Read more


On this date last year, Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury fought to a draw in their heavyweight world championship fight. The fight was notable for two things: the fact that Fury very likely outboxed Wilder overall, and the fact that he rose from what seemed like a surefire knockout like the Undertaker. Like, look at that photo. How many times have you seen a person in that position get up at all? Not only did Fury get up, he finished the whole dang fight. Read more


  • Miami vs. Illinois (men's basketball, 7 p.m. ET, ESPN2)

  • Clemson vs. Minnesota (men's basketball, 9 p.m. ET, ESPN2)

  • Vikings at Seahawks (8:15 p.m. ET, ESPN)


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