The #OpenDoorChallenge is an addictive new way to watch sports right now

By now, you've probably got the Tyga song on repeat in your head: "Bored in the house and I'm in the house bored."

Trust us, we are too.

But thanks to the creative minds on the Internet, the #OpenDoorChallenge was born. And we all thank you so much for giving us a distraction -- and some sports to watch -- right now.

The concept: Create a video that starts with a sports clip from the past you're watching on a screen -- let's say it's a football game where the running back is running the ball. Then turn the camera to a door, open it, and boom! The end of the play is shown, but from a totally different and arguably way cooler angle.

People have posted versions of explosive touchdowns, NBA game winners and soccer fights. Some of our favorites so far: