It's good to be king

Over the past year, the Bay Area has been the most successful region in sports by a landslide. Beck Diefenbach/AP Images

EVER SINCE Sept. 1, 2012, the day when the San Francisco Giants began a startling 31-15 tear through baseball, life has been unusually golden by the Bay. In the past 12 months, teams from the Bay Area have not only won the World Series, but had the American League's best record over the two seasons combined (the A's), came within a hair's breadth of winning Super Bowl XLVII (the Niners), pulled off the Western Conference's biggest turnaround (the Warriors), went toe to toe with the reigning Stanley Cup champs in a seven-game classic (the Sharks) and won the Rose Bowl (Stanford). Some people have all the luck, not to mention good Klout scores and a stake in Twitter.

We compared the winning ways among the biggest U.S. sports regions from Sept. 1, 2012, to Aug. 31 this year, according to a simple point system, from 100 points for a league title all the way down to 5 for finishing fifth in best regular-season record. The Bay Area ran away with 360 points. Only the Baltimore-Washington and Cincinnati-Louisville regions finished within eyesight, with 248 and 230 points, respectively. So if your Bay Area friends seem smugger than ever, this was the year that made them so.

Rankings: *
1. Bay Area, 360 points
2. Washington, D.C./Baltimore, 248
3. Cincinnati/Louisville, 230
4. Detroit, 210
4. Miami, 210
6. Chicago, 195
7. Boston, 138
8. Los Angeles, 121
9. New York, 85
10. Denver, 63

*among regions with multiple major league teams

100 points: championship
50: runner-up
20: division title
10: playoff series win (playoff game win in NFL)
25/20/15/10/5: first to fifth, respectively, in leaguewide regular-season record

NCAA basketball/BCS football
100 points: championship
50: runner-up
10: BCS bowl/NCAA tournament win
25/20/15/10/5: first to fifth, respectively, in final regular-season rankings

25 points: championship
15: runner-up
10/5/3: first to third, respectively, in final regular-season standings

Directors' Cup (awarded to most successful college programs across all sports)
25/20/15/10/5: first to fifth, respectively, in final standings.

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