What you want, when you want it


So, as you might have noticed, we've redesigned our website.

Our goal is simple: Make what matters most to you easily accessible the moment you want it, wherever you are. Whether you're researching your fantasy teams at work or jawing with friends while watching a game or sneaking a score check during dinner, we want to reflect the way we all consume our sports news and information today.

Since our previous redesign, nothing has changed our habits more than the smartphone. We see it here every day: In January, we had 94 million users, and 61 percent of you accessed us only on a mobile device. That's why our product and tech teams have spent months tinkering behind the digital curtain to make the site responsive, to create a seamless experience from your desktop to your tablet to your handset.

But, no matter what you use, what will you get when you visit the new site?

• Improved personalization so that when you access ESPN.com, the stories, videos, predictions and rumors about your favorite teams are just a touch or click away.

• Dynamic delivery of stories on all of our pages into a constantly updating river of content -- from the best of Grantland, FiveThirtyEight and espnW to highlights and analysis from "SportsCenter" to enterprising features by ESPN The Magazine and "Outside the Lines." The navigation matches the infinite-scrolling experience that has become an inherent part of how we all catch up on what we've missed.

• The up-to-the-minute conversation in sports, captured in our Now feed. Nearly all day, every day, editors will be layering in the best graphics, original short-form content, SC videos and social content from around the web to give you the depth and breadth you need when trades happen, games blow up, or the sports world turns on its axis.

• Increased video with more content from our networks and, along with our WatchESPN options, increased integration into all of our feeds -- from Favorites to News to Now.

Sooner rather than later, you won't notice any of that wizardry. We're hoping what you will notice is that you are more engaged and immersed than ever, getting exactly what you want, when you want it, wherever you are.

That's what all of us fans expect.