Instant Awesome: 7-foot-7 freshman Robert Bobroczky makes high school basketball debut

Robert Bobroczky is a 7-foot-7, 16-year-old freshman at Spire Institute, a state-of-the-art international academy in Geneva, Ohio.

You may have heard about him before. Bobroczky is originally from Romania and was nearly 7 feet tall at only 12 years old.

He made his high school basketball debut on Jan. 12 and played limited minutes in an 87-51 loss to First Love Christian Academy of Washington, Pa.

He has a skill set similar to many new-age big men currently in the NBA. Second-year New York Knicks forward Kristaps Porzingis comes to mind as a comparable player. But Bobroczky is so young, it wouldn't be surprising if he grew a few more inches.

The tallest NBA players in history are Manute Bol (7-foot-7), Gheorghe Muresan (7-foot-7), Shawn Bradley (7-foot-6) and Yao Ming (7-foot-6). If Bobroczky continues to hone his skills, he could be joining that list one day.