'Dunkumentaries' goes deep on the dunk


At the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin, six-foot-eight Texan Joe Fortenberry put down what is believed to be the first slam dunk in an organized basketball game. Thanks to some typical skepticism from traditionalists, it took another generation or two for the dunk to really take off. But once it did, it became an essential element of the sporting landscape.

Today, the prevailing conversation in basketball may revolve around the three-point shot, but in web videos and highlight shows, the dunk continues to thrill us. Few things in sports combine athletic grace and brute force like a high-flying, rim-rocking jam.

'Dunkumentaries,' presented by SeatGeek, is an audio-rich celebration of the slam dunk in all its glory. Over the course of five podcast episodes, we explore the stories and personalities connected to the most powerful shot in basketball.

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Episode 1

Sneaker Wars

Hosted by David Jacoby

In 1989, Nike and Reebok launched very similar shoe concepts on the exact same day. Thanks to a young Celtic guard, only one of them emerged iconic. This is the story of how Dee Brown and his Reebok Pumps left an indelible mark on both the dunk contest and the sneaker industry. The best part? His run-in with Michael Jordan at the contest's after-party.

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"He's Pumping His Shoes Up!"

No Look Dunk

Pump up and Air Out!

Episode 2

The Yin & Yang Of Basketball

Hosted by Cari Champion & Roman Mars

In the 1960s and '70s, a war of words emerged between dominating, dunking big men and the skeptics who thought they were ruining the game. That dispute reflected race and larger social issues as well. It took a somewhat unintentional solution to end the tension ‐‐ the three point shot. This episode looks at how the three-pointer became the yin to the dunk's yang. Co-produced with the podcast 99% Invisible, and featuring a 1939 radio interview with basketball inventor James Naismith.

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adidas Originals: Kareem Is the Blueprint

Episode 3

Missing Milestone

Hosted by Kate Fagan

In 1984, Georgeann Wells of West Virginia executed the first ever dunk in a women's college basketball game. For decades there were rumors that footage of the dunk existed, but most were convinced it was lost to history. We track the quest of one enterprising reporter who set out to unravel the mystery.

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Georgeann's First Dunk

Episode 4

Toronto's Big Bang

Hosted by Adnan Virk

The story of how one man helped make a hockey-mad country fall in love with professional basketball. In 2000, with Toronto across his chest, Vince Carter threw down some of the greatest dunks Slam Dunk Contest history. It put Toronto on the map and inspired a generation of Canadian players in the NBA today.

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Vince Carter Looks Back

Episode 5

The Last Dunk

Hosted by Kevin Wildes

At the 2016 NBA Slam Dunk Contest, Zach LaVine and Aaron Gordon wowed the basketball world with their innovative dunks. Host Kevin Wildes hunts for the source of their creativity, and argues with David Jacoby about the future of the slam dunk contest by asking, "When will the world run out of dunks to do?" Featuring Dvora Myers, author of The End of the Perfect Ten.

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Kevin Wildes' Best Dunk Of All Time

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